Text knife wood water the difference between Chinaz and Admin5 submissions

Text knife wood water the difference between Chinaz and Admin5 submissions

submission is a thing that I often do now, often in a new post out after one or two days will be the article submission to Chinaz and Admin5 these two sites, for these two sites is love, but recently also try to contribute to the speed transit network and Seowhy the platform for Chinaz and Admin5, we should also be familiar with it, is all about the webmaster information websites, but also in the webmaster circle do two website is very good, also is Baidu news source.

try to contribute from his writing this blog started, that time just to try to see their own writing whether can be recognized, because he didn’t like this before has always insisted on writing experience, so for his writing is not quite confident, of course, now write it not very good, can only slowly increase! It is also through submission to let me know the power of the soft so powerful contribution is a good way to do outside the chain, the website can help us to gain much high quality external links, and all this is not your own hair.

in his blog is less than a month when Baidu external chain from 0 to more than 1000, when someone asked me why my blog to have so many external chain rose so fast, I told him I didn’t own the chain, only Chinaz and Admin5 two on the website of the submission, and these articles by the amount of the transfer, so there are so many external chain. And as of now my Baidu chain has more than 3600, most of which is caused by the submission, so that through the soft way to help web site outside the chain is a very reliable.

on their submission also encountered a lot of problems, which of course there will be some were returned by some, this is a relationship with their own quality of the article, in the first time they will be SEO based blog also as an article submission to Chinaz and Admin5 two website the results, such as can be imagined to introduce the basic knowledge of the articles on the Internet too much, this is not much significance for the two sites, so the rejection is very normal, these experiences for moderation after their submission article also has a certain grasp, some nagging and simple knowledge the introduction is not as their submission content. More information is for his article SEO technology ideas and focus search classification and search engine related as the focus of their contribution, and will find some in this content will be adopted by Chinaz, but Admin5 will be returned and will certainly exist in, in his early writing a happy thing about submission "this article also recorded their articles adopted by Chinaz and the Baidu news recommendation, but the article.

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