Search pattern changes again how does stationmaster’s operation thinking transform

Search pattern changes again how does stationmaster’s operation thinking transform

sometimes the Internet technology that thing is very elusive, before and 360 hard news scandal Sogou, but now defected to Tencent door, making the industry have surprised. The general reaction is that the goods are really a bit of a pit.

when this strategic investment really takes shape, let’s calm down and think about what happens after that. To be sure, Baidu in search side, especially in the desktop search field will be more threatened, and the 360 search of the second position may be search and Sogou partnership shock and lost. Well, Tencent has been trying to do, but unsuccessful search will be greatly improved, and WeChat’s product features may be more perfect because of this investment, systematic and search more.

In fact,

for Tencent, investment Sogou great significance, and from the angle of Sogou to participate in Tencent are not necessarily a sensible election, at least in the author’s eyes, compared with the 360, Baidu, Sogou joined Tencent camp is the most suitable, and which also reflects the operators given we are all owners of the business intelligence.

everything starts with the independence of the product. I think this is the most fundamental thought of Sogou seek cooperation are emphasized, because Zhang Zhaoyang from first to last hope Sogou can transfer ideas in an independent environment, without outside interference, although now Sogou strategic investment by the Tencent, but Sogou overall operation right or in their own hands, this does not affect the future the development, so no matter in what direction the cooperation framework, owners must be clearly a fundamental point is that, rather than hold the thigh to seize the initiative, only to let the products in accordance with their own ideas to do, this is your wealth, it can only work for others.

acquisition and collaboration bring genetic integration of products to be easier than the simple amount of investment. Now we see that every investment will be too much to think of the amount of investment, the proportion of shares, how much benefit, in fact, the convergence between the products is the key. According to their statement is Sogou Sogou, want to do, want to do, but not limited to desktop so little, the force was about to rely on wireless Tencent vast resources and channel advantages, so Sogou for such a product, into a search and value in this respect there is no absolute advantage but there are potential the company, absolutely not difficult. In fact, compared with their own employment talent network I have deep feeling, when doing local extension, I thought of and some industrial and mining enterprises to carry out in-depth cooperation, can even sell part of the right to operate to get some financial support, but only then think about money, no driving force is not a long-term decision, into a a crowd concentrated employment is the key, and then through technical cooperation, open up the brand that makes its own website gradually operate together, this is better than simple fusion gene products the amount of investment and cooperation in the case brought the acquisition.

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