Opinions on how to make a good BBS

Opinions on how to make a good BBS

as we all know, now do the basic station is divided into two directions, one is a common type of site, and the other is established in the form of BBS BBS. Relatively speaking, we tend to choose the former when we do website, because the latter is much larger than the former, and the remarkable characteristic is "time-consuming and laborious."". But once successful with a good BBS, this amount of maintenance can be completely reversed with the former. The author summed up how to do a good view of BBS.

, a good BBS will have its attraction, in an interactive forum aspect is necessary, or that aspect is a site of bone, as long as the erection of a broad framework can grow more in the flesh. So how do you have this aspect,


1. have the sense of guidance, and grasp certain legal knowledge, understand the current policy of the country. Some of the hot topics on the forums can be deliberately guided and interactive. For violations of the law, must be done to delete, contrary to national policy topics, according to the extent of modification or deletion. At the same time, the protection of the intellectual property rights and the copyright issues of the forum are frequent.

2. forum deals with fair, impartial and open three principles. As for the forum some disputes as administrators or management team, must immediately find problems to solve the problem, avoid participation in the dispute. To deal with the problem to maintain a transparent and fair, you listen to the views of member do to people sincerely convinced. Emotional expression is not possible, otherwise it will cause Internet users rebound.

3. prevention forum vulgar, in a good BBS, must control uncivilized words, as well as articles, video, music and so on.

a good forum with a wide skeleton, but also need a lot of content to supplement its flesh and blood. What kind of content is more suitable for the forum, what kind of post is more controversial with Internet users, that is, the more substantial the content, the more and more fullness of his flesh and blood.

1. guide tube forum vest popularity, even ordinary users are the usual way, but still true. When posting, even if you release a person, but also with a pile of vest number, respectively, to release, so you can ask your Internet users to see the atmosphere of the forum. If it is a new station, so patiently persist for a few days. Can then be some controversial posts to your meager, registered more than a few small number, or add QQ group, and then find some controversial post up, when appropriate, vest with users can stand together.

2., we’re talking about controversial posts. So, what is a controversial post? Your article should have the overwhelming majority of Internet users against it, but not too extreme. This is the controversial post. But don’t make rumors, or the outcome might be unexpected".

3. practical nature post. A forum where there is passion

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