Zhu Yong personal Adsense do what station most profitable

Zhu Yong personal Adsense do what station most profitable

often has friends in my website operation management group asked what kind of website to make money, my answer is, according to their own preferences, the resources have made out of the site is the most profitable. There are a lot of master to determine the theme of the site according to the Baidu index, what do what traffic sites, but the master is minority after all, in order to achieve that effect on hand to grasp a lot of resources, create a large number of high quality chain in the short term, of course, the chain is also very important, not to say have all resources are added in the short term, a massive increase in the chain is likely to enter the scope of search engine monitoring, and cause the opposite effect, about the chain strategy we can refer to the relevant article, here no longer.

one, interest in

Einstein says, "interest is the best teacher.". From the site you want to talent shows itself in the site, the site from the standpoint of the content must be his character, not the characteristics of the website, by collecting +SEO get traffic website will be the emergence of Everfount website shot dead on the beach. Therefore, a website should have vitality, long-term development and stable profitability, website content is one of the important factors. If you want to do the content well, you must have a deep understanding and grasp of what you have done, in order to understand the needs of users, organize, edit content and develop functions from the user’s point of view, and do the website well. I appreciate a certain view of evergreen, that is, if anything can be maintained to the limit, then you can lead, or even become NO.1. Of course, in the process of doing is to pay attention to methods, if the method is wrong, then the effect is minimal. And forcing yourself to do nothing interesting, in the end can only make yourself badly battered, exhausted, and seriously crack down on self-confidence.

two, resources

‘s own interest in a certain area is resources, connections are resources, and the products that you can master and utilize in your own work are also resources. The website wants to develop, want profit, have IP not to be able to do likewise, want to be able to change the IP of the website true money, it is the purpose that we do a station. Some people will say that can rely on advertising alliance on ah, yes, this is indeed one of the site’s profit, most personal website is currently rely on flow, rely on advertising, especially advertising popups profit, this kind of put pop websites, most of the traffic is from the search to, can say the risk is great the. I think the development trend from the Internet, to flow through the search of the road will become narrower and narrower, and the search engine as the Internet entrance role will be gradually replaced by some new Internet applications, like the previous Internet portal as the role of the entrance by search engines to replace. Therefore, in the future personal website want to develop, but also according to their own advantages to make characteristics, to survive.

and for now, even if the site can search from a lot of IP, but there is no resource to use these IP as a conversion, the commission given by the alliance is also very limited

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