Overseas host and domain name registration requirements increase CN domain name in the future

Overseas host and domain name registration requirements increase CN domain name in the future

1API.net supports Alipay domestic and overseas host and domain name registration demand

news yesterday after Godaddy and ResellerClub, and a European domain registrar 1API.net support alipay. As we all know, there are many excellent hosts and domain name registrars in foreign countries, such as Godaddy and ResellerClub, whose host performance and domain name management are compared with those of domestic host and domain name registrar, and each has its relative advantages. Most of the foreign domain name most from the huge market China although envious, but suffer from a lack of domestic payment channels, and support for Alipay no specific plans, many domain name and host into Chinese plans in the market have repeatedly shelved. From Germany, 1API.net quietly support Alipay, may help more foreign host and domain name registrar to further open the door of the market Chinese.

from the 1API.net support can be seen not only Alipay is increasing the pace of internationalization, it is revealed the new system Chinese market under the website for the record and the domestic host has too many problems, many webmaster "website migration" of the heart, as well as overseas virtual host domain name registration demand is growing. It is reported that there are a lot of domestic IDC business aimed at the user "immigrants" demand, carry out all kinds of purchasing foreign host and domain name registration services. Since the end of last year after the renovation of the network in the network environment, the Internet has been purified, but the CN domain name and website for the policy change, let CN domain name losing previous activity, domain name registration, real name system and camera filing system so many owners in order to save cost and avoid the cumbersome procedures, more and more choice for domain name and website move abroad.


filing charges soaring CN domain policy sad

nearly a year ago, China’s CN domain name has dropped from 13 million 680 thousand to about 6000000, "shrink" 50%. Since the website for the implementation of the new deal, as of the end of September 2010, the three major domestic carriers off site more than 3000 without registration, CNNIC stop parsing did not record the domain name 636 thousand. A series of related qualifications, irregular, IDC business failures, a large number of non involved sites involved, innocent people were shut. Under the new policy, the domain name registration and filing information strict requirements, if the data is incomplete or inconsistent, it will be difficult to record. According to industry owners said, through the agency for 150 yuan a record, previously 10 yuan, 15 pieces a, only 30 at the end of last year, this year suddenly rose to more than 150. And through the agent for the record, still can not escape the camera. Although the policy is relatively flexible, you can send your own photos to IDC for completion of the record, but some special site domain names still need to go to the scene to take pictures. Increase site cost and cycle.

can say, stationmaster chooses to move abroad, also be forced to do sth.

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