Webmaster friends do you have your own happiness

Webmaster friends do you have your own happiness

did a lot of years ago website, is to love, now is to flow, it is to make money, every time in the enjoyment of the site to bring their own pleasure, and high and low flow every day affects every nerve of their own, as a single station, although the daily income may be only a fraction of my job wages, but the harvest of pleasure is in specific work to bring their own.

senior year of high school to the college entrance examination, but just that you have been exposed to the website, the academic performance in general, and in Zhejiang there is a single stroke single test, I do not know there is no other province. My senior year of high school from the high school from the general to the high vocational classes, that is my senior year to learn three years of high school culture class, including computer, high school that year summer vacation with a bully machine learning practice typing, am a girl with me to the higher class of previously learned five the pen, in her advice, she and I became the class five pen typing master, that still need to take what qualification exam, a lot of ~ to college entrance examination extra points, the year of real contact with computer.

senior year in addition to typing means there is a net, I believe that part of the webmaster know one called "Bo" website, I built a personal home page, in the above plainly, that can now call is a personal blog. Very exciting! Really. Copy the pictures on the Internet everywhere, and everywhere the code word moving picture, floated, as well as the background music, background snowflakes floated and so on, I think that kind of sense of achievement now webmaster can also recall the first website and happy. That year is the end of 2003, all pocket money tribute dedicated to Internet cafes, but also secretly in the school computer room to set up their personal home page IE home. From the sites of interest a get out of hand, and asked the computer teacher what is FTP, how to put their own website to the website, very silly very naive to think that teachers are saints, in fact they are not original, so that the university I give us high school built network station.

the entrance exam was easy. Into the higher vocational colleges, do not laugh at me, not undergraduate, I think most of the webmaster is not a diploma of junior college students. Freshman second semester with a computer, began real website career, registered two domain name, and zj.com have two domain name, now has closed, and 10M free space, now also have no. Let me happy for a long time, do the real meaning of the personal homepage is done online to find material, flower border, code effect, all in their own computer with a lot of material, although the folder over the years, but still remain in the material. Look at other people’s home page, do link objects…… The website is clean and simple and does not like advertising itself. The site is to have a certain talent, I do not say this to all the owners, because it includes the production and operation, I think my talent lies in production, so my website is very delicate, "

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