Webmaster friend let you easily increase the amount of visits

Webmaster friend let you easily increase the amount of visits

1. write soft text

unconscionable to fry several soft wen. Online articles are reprinted a lot, many garbage collection functions are used. We use it to make hyperlinks in the article. This note, do not do join too obvious, easy to be administrator found! Do some suggestions of punctuation, don’t do too much, 1-2 good! So, they also collected off our connection in the acquisition time, increase the chain of us! There is, add the following a piece of code, so that others in the manual copy of our article, below will be the emergence of web effects from




network can bring huge traffic for us, to join the site of connection. Let every user browse his own collection, of course, the more friends he has, the greater the click rate. Recommend the use of sina, and the 365 group.


like QQ bookmarks, baidu collections, Cape of Good Hope web bookmarks, and so on. Baidu, there’s more in it. Find yourself adding, entering, and bringing at least 1000IP each day.

4, baidu space

go to Sogou index every day to find a few words related to their topic, published in the baidu space, and do their own station connection.

5, stick it, know

more to stick it, know the reply is also a shortcut to get traffic!


6, surging

QQ is a new instant messaging blog, as long as your friends the deep enough, every day is not a problem to get 2000IP


7, QQ

through the QQ propaganda method, I think we all know. No instruction!


8, online advertising,

This is a bit of a

, so you have to choose the right place for advertising when you want to make a profit.

9, insist on updating

every day

this is the most important, 10 days update 10 articles, not as good as 1 days with the new 1 effect. Why do you want to do that,

?10, to recommend


site dedicated to the creation of the cool recommandons channel, you may wish to look at, personally think that this link is much better than. Unless the NetEase gives you a link on the front page.

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