Verification code advertising Adsense new channels to increase revenue

Verification code advertising Adsense new channels to increase revenue

before, when we landed forums or downloaded software, the following authentication code appeared,

, there are more wonderful,

often encounter this situation, most people will abandon the landing, which is not only very poor user experience, and often will drain a large part of the user.

Since the traditional

verification code has become increasingly unsuited to replace the times, then there will be new alternatives: "code" advertising is such a product. At present this form in foreign countries has begun to take shape, and is known as "one of the most promising advertising model", this kind of advertising in foreign acclaimed Double Recall as early as 2010, launched in Europe this pattern, and the verification code advertising profitability and advertising effect, to prove that the data said: the ad CPM (cost per thousand show) to reach $120, is about 10 times of the traditional display advertising, the advertisers to enhance the visibility of the other point of view, banner is superior to traditional advertising 11 times. I first got the "verification code ad", which was at the webmaster meeting of the previous year. There was a company that specializes in verification code advertising (forgot the name).

domestic code advertising market situation

according to statistics, every year the number of input verification code registration, login, China website for posting, download applications that are about 130 billion times, plus the verification code is the most likely to get the user’s attention, so the "advertising" verification code born.

currently do verification code advertising company network, Yu early code, Oriental impression technology research, but these services main website owners are large web sites and a certain scale of the company, rarely see small sites are in use.

I know Baidu alliance in last year’s launch of the advertising model, but I do not know what the reason behind no movement, but Lu Songsong recently got the news that Baidu will "force" the advertisement market verification code.

(2012 advertising League rankings)

according to DCCI statistics, as of 2012, there are 48% of the webmaster use Baidu alliance, Baidu big brand customers have 1000, small and medium-sized customers more than 3. In addition, the Baidu alliance also has more than 600 thousand partners, I believe most of the sites have verification code advertising opportunities. If you’re an affiliate of Baidu, you’ll see it in the back of the Union in the near future.

What is the specific form of

code advertising?

?As shown in figure

, and other verification code advertising company operation, when the user login popup comments, this verification code, just enter the figure of the Yellow character can be, it should be said that this form of advertising, directly to the user’s attention on the advertising picture, the user that is advertising, here can as a key area of rapid focusing, a >

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