To a friend who will be a station and a friend who has not yet stood

To a friend who will be a station and a friend who has not yet stood

is becoming more and more simple now, and more and more people are standing there. Are you ready before you do the station,


1. do you have a program,


for the novice to use online about their program, when you download your back to test, repair vulnerabilities, backdoor detection, remove the ads, to change the structure of some structure is good for SEO. Some novice will directly download the program directly to the space, some people think that the flow up, in the new maintenance will have time, then you are completely wrong. Because the spider will come to your website analysis, storage, in the analysis process, found that your station and his spider Library of a station exactly the same, then there is no need to you, so don’t suggest doing so.

2. selects the space domain name

has been using free space since I started, and I’m looking for it every day in Baidu’s free station, and even finding space is longer than what I do with u. This is very unnecessary, maybe today found very happy, perhaps tomorrow this free space has been sealed, this is very sad thing.

space suggest you choose fees, the old saying is good, the world is not free lunch, but also pay a good look at the charges, and some fees are to take money away, the general is the after-sales service is not good. Pre-sales service enthusiasm, I now use the Internet in the feeling is also good, only hateful is that space does not limit the flow and IIs is good, but the old owners told me that is restricted to CPU3% with limited IIS is a means, so we must pay attention to buy space.

, of course, is not to say that space must be free of charge, also good is very popular now that often network space, but is not the pure and free like QQ to pay what money, to make the forum, but really nervous friends can have a try.

3. content maintenance

content maintenance is the most important, because people come to your station is to see you, content came. Do you want to be original? Maybe 60% of the webmaster is copying and pasting. That’s a good idea. Because the Internet is that sina collected 163, 163 acquisition of QQ QQ and acquisition of sina but the people is known, people do not rely on search alive, even search on their lives, we should not rely on search to live to do so, we need to get people into their own articles. Please refer to this

for details

4, security issues,

This is not to say what

, one foot in mind. My usual method is to indicate in sensitive places that this station is protected by law. If malicious intrusions are made, we will report it to the network police

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