Promotion of Forum on external marketing of private hospitals

Promotion of Forum on external marketing of private hospitals

Baidu Post Bar is actually a forum, but its popularity far exceeds other forums, so take out alone, but the nature of Post Bar also do the same with other forum Post Bar, although the popularity is very large, but posting content can put links to other forums, a little fame and popularity, are not put the link, so we must make good use of Post Bar, this is a free super advertising platform. And marketing target positioning accurate, in rhinitis bar browse people must have rhinitis (except advertising)… ) I’ve done a lot of postings before, and I’ve had a lot of consulting conversations. But to do it well, but not to send classified information to the post bar inside the line, the content of the post (that is, the text of the post, hereinafter referred to as "forum soft"), there are many stresses.

forum overview

forum text must be different from the classified information articles, classified information articles are usually very strong advertising text, and some even direct advertising language, this is not suitable for sending to the forum. This is decided by several features of the forum. I compare the difference between the forum and the classified information:

1. forum is a platform for interactive communication, focusing on "interaction", and classification information is a B2B platform, is a one-sided information sharing.

2., because of the interactive nature of the forum, the forum must be close to people’s psychology rather than rigid advertising, otherwise interaction can not be achieved.

3. forum needs to grasp the psychology of the target, the purpose is through personal experience sharing to arouse people inner resonance, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion of the recessive; classified information may be just the pursuit of product exposure, although also to grasp the consumer psychology, but pay more attention to arouse people’s desire for consumption.

from this point of view, the forum text must meet the following requirements:

1. forum text to arouse the curiosity of readers and replies desire. This is the biggest purpose, but also the most difficult place, a lot of articles appear on the network N times, was sent to stick it, this kind of text, ordinary people can read the first 3 words, difficult, not to mention, read the full text and replies.

2. to advertising (softening), request the forum text must be soft. Advertising Forum is the most lifeless, and this is why other forums can not link. BBS text can not let people take a look at it, know is nonsense or advertising, false information. The same topic (such as rhinitis, how to cure), write new ideas, different, stand out.

3. forum text should be shared by experience as the main mode of communication. Only in this way can it resonate. I wrote the article is his treatment of rhinitis rhinitis treatment experience to share with everyone, I am a noble act, in order to help other people Similarly afflicted people pity each other. this is the essence of the forum, and instead I posted the "advertisement" word written out of his face in the face for injection.

4. forum article on the tone and style of the article has special requirements. Avoid being blunt and boring

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