Tencent was cottage incident triggered by alternative domain name cottage thinking

Tencent was cottage incident triggered by alternative domain name cottage thinking

enabled by qq.net this domain, named for the QQ site, so I think the development of Tencent, has been in the imitation, imitation and Transcendence in! This Tencent was copycat events, people have a sense of very interesting if you can do so,



however, from this "Shanzhai incident", the author caused an alternative "domain name Shanzhai" thinking. Then take Sina micro-blog as an example.


, according to Sina insiders said with a smile, weibo.com domain name must be in the trading price of about two million, so it will be traced back to the phonetic domain.Cn and.Com.cn domain name, domain name is micro-blog enabled before low-key win, it seems so perfect, but today, in the view of foreign domain name suffix, have been found in.Bo domain (Bolivia national top-level domain), the author found a whim, we seem to have such an omission of micro-blog domain, wei.bo domain name is not a more thorough sign of micro-blog, this spell is more thorough? So the author attempts to access the domain name.


results showed that the domain name is set to jump to jump, the Sina micro-blog.Cn domain name, the domain name protection strategy visible sina is indeed in place, Tencent need to continue to learn and imitate! Of course, Tencent also has too many helpless things for a domain name.


then, I found a few very interesting foreign domain name suffix.

.Ba (domain name, domain name for the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina) for Ba, eight, Dad Chinese characters Pinyin etc.. So, can you register such domain names: wu.ba, aliba.ba, tie.ba and other domain names?

.Ci domain name (for the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire domain name), CI can be Chinese characters, shrines, CI, Pinyin, etc.. So, can you register this domain name: xi.ci and other domain names?

.Ai (domain name, domain name for anguilla) AI for short, because of love Chinese characters, Pinyin etc.. So, can you register this domain name: zhen.ai and other domain names?

is here, but the author also gave an example, for some of the names above, some suffix is just a prelude, an offbeat thought introduction, to let everyone know that the foreign domain can also be spelled out, of course there are more naturally we need to find, to dig the mystery of


can be used to imitate and seek breakthroughs, so as to persuade you, in the registration domain name should also pay attention to foreign domain name suffix, don’t neglect to be "Shanzhai" Oh! Global domain name suffix type too thousand, do >

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