Discussion on operation mode of 2012 electricity supplier website

Discussion on operation mode of 2012 electricity supplier website


2012, the wind years passed nearly half in May, who is drawing to an end, and the time will gently lift, do not leave any traces, sound theory, ontology about 2012 is still strong electricity supplier website mode, when the electricity supplier website still stand, but also a new website, every business platform will always have this or that the prospect of you, or me, still need to adhere to.

business website mode, e-commerce website popularity, also caused a large number of electronic business platform surging out, Taobao is still a large annual electricity sales data, this data also shows that a large number of electronic business platform to do so long, according to its own understanding about now based business platform the pattern of it, perhaps, you need to.

first: bazaar, shop mode,


May 2003, Taobao set up to 2008, taobao.com covering a large number of China most online shopping crowd; who is the market gently; who will free policy is still in use, Taobao, in that year, a free policy, to make market of EBAY, king of the road; on 2006, pat the establishment of electronic business platform Tencent also ignited a passion, pat, pat mall, and so on a variety of platforms; and the most tragic for Baidu has ah, and after the transformation of the cool days, who is in the beginning, the sound Ming, how many years like beat Taobao, but in 2011 that announcement, after 1 months will close the shopping platform, which means that Baidu C2C e-commerce business has boasted three years will beat Taobao completely failed, when the music cool days in this form of acceptance Later, it is inevitable that 2012 will continue to be unable to carry out.

1) who entered, who in the early, relying on free lay the country of Taobao, Ma Yun is a seer in the electricity supplier model, strong.

2) pat the net, rely on Tencent huge user base, pat Network always follow Taobao’s footsteps, continue to move forward.

in 2012, at the fair, who could have hit Taobao? Difficult,


second: Mall model


Who is

in the 03 year of cable transferred to the next line, who is the digital industry to do fast, it is the Jingdong, Liu Qiang East; the morning of January 11, 2012, Taobao mall officially announced renamed Tmall, Tmall mall; ushering in the electronic commerce a business war; in 2012, the home appliance industry a large amount of subsidies swept whether it is a Jingdong, or Taobao, or the United States, or Suning, to seize the powerful online shopping market; Jingdong, from digital to Tmall from Taobao mall, mall, shake a change, become 11>

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