An Dongsheng tell you how to develop traditional clothing enterprises electricity supplier business

An Dongsheng tell you how to develop traditional clothing enterprises electricity supplier business

2014 double eleven, Tmall finally ended with a total turnover of 57 billion 100 million yuan. Clothing brand "Korean clothing house" double eleven, the day sales of 280 million, the wireless terminal is the first transaction value of billions of brands. This news is undoubtedly an incentive for garment enterprises. But how do traditional clothing enterprises develop their electricity supplier business?

one, management ideas to change

traditional clothing enterprises do electricity supplier, its advantages mainly reflects brand influence, years of precipitation down the customer base, as well as product development and supply chain advantages. First, due to the advantages of electricity supplier sector at the cost of the whole network and sales price decision-making atmosphere, many clothing brands only as a way to the electricity supplier sector inventory of products, low prices, outdated products with broken code.

everyone knows, e-commerce is not only a channel, but also a trend, a more progressive, forward lifestyle changes. Electricity supplier sector is parallel with traditional channels, rather than traditional dependencies, therefore, the importance of the electricity supplier sector to enhance strategic position. In fact, the traditional clothing enterprises are not lack of thinking to embrace the Internet, the real decisive factor is the determination and management of the action, execution.

two, product model to change

to product force as an example, the product is all brands pay special attention to, but to the line, many brands have only one purpose: dealing with inventory of second-hand goods. However, the online store and consumer groups in the trend and aesthetic have different taste, at the same time, the online purchasing power of the crowd is also rising, they are not only concerned about the price of stock trend is low, it is difficult to attract customers.

e-commerce itself is a kind of business model, must take the market demand in the first place, should give full consideration to the needs of the consumer orientation, what is the demand of consumer preferences, the brand should as far as possible to meet consumer demand. And here, Dongsheng students do relatively well, there are many in their various fields have a lot of performance improvement, more students can click on the Dongsheng success stories to view information.

at this point, large data can be used to learn the preferences of customers. This is only the Internet era, a sharp tool for the network of consumers to build more in line with the current trends and consumer demand products. Then through the system of data collection and collation, to the late consumer continuous data tracking feedback mechanism, the establishment of enterprise for consumer demand data to control, and then open up the distance between each module and consumers.

three, the mode of transmission to change

with the popularity of mobile devices such as mobile phones, now everyone is the media center. This is for the industry, the highest level of marketing is to make full use of your users, so that they become your media, to help you spread. Now, with the rise of social media such as WeChat, the Internet’s "openness, equality, interaction, and sharing" features are much more revealing

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