An older stationmaster in Guizhou is struggling

An older stationmaster in Guizhou is struggling

, an older Guizhou stationmaster struggling,, 007, has been using today’s Internet name due to the April 11, 2005 registration of the domain name in Guizhou. There are two kinds of usage: 007 young people, Internet friends, especially webmaster friends, the best name is 007; even now many people don’t know what my family name is, and of course it is not important. In real life, colleagues and leaders call me "Xiao Wang" or "woof". Talk to them about 007. They think of the spy in England, ha ha.

Guizhou website, that is, Guizhou 007, which has become inseparable from the fact that people and stations. One is only a web site, and it’s just a poor site. But in a word to make friends know: "insist on doing simple, it is not simple."". This is my first initiative, how many times has QQ changed my mind and never changed it?. No. take a look at my QQ:407277135. The record inside that explains the problem.

The glory of the

site is no longer. Myth has gone.

, but the backwardness of the place is the performance that I still have vitality to this station. Guizhou’s Web site adds up to no more than 10 thousand official. Many sites are more than three months away, is not in the common. But I’ve been trying to find a new Guizhou site, and I need them, just as the web site is.

January 2008 is the coldest time of the station. When the electricity is good and bad, the Internet users have no way to access the internet. The station there, deserted, once low to less than one thousand people day IP. Heartache.


is on the low side, businessmen come to inquiry: would like to bid 30 thousand to buy the Guizhou site of this station. Do I want to sell it or sell it? I’m aching. No, how can I do it?

consults the friend, lets the able person make the opinion, for a short while I also feel that oneself is unable. It seems as if I’m going to be stuck with money for a while.

pain ah, selling like selling their children the same station.

does not sell, survival difficult is a word not finished, I have been working for the web site in Guizhou, the annual fee, the domain name space, life is more open to talk about is the site is closed on site, people are not normal.

how nice it is to be a company. I can’t make another station any more. Selling is an opportunity.

but I’m a person, a person, a person without a name. Sold all the names. Where else can I find value,

?Answer: if the

business can sell more than the price of this station.

friend replies: sell, own server has.

‘s cross the river again made me catch up…


years, snow disaster has been in the past, the spring. At that moment, I wanted to know, >

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