Baidu library washing white road

Baidu library washing white road

each domestic Internet products, almost all foreign countries have a corresponding product. We have Sina, micro-blog, foreigners have Facebook; we have Baidu, there are Google abroad; we have QQ; foreign countries have MSN; we have Taobao, Jingdong, foreign countries have Amason; we have Youku, YouTube abroad. And so on。 This has become a unique phenomenon of China’s internet. But there is an Internet product that we have, and there are no foreign ones. That’s the Baidu library. Perhaps you say Google academic search, but both content or model, is not a concept at all.

Baidu Library: congenital malformation

Google once modified the ten principles of business, and only one of them was retained, and that is not evil. When Google was listed in 2004, its prospectus said, "don’t be evil.". We firmly believe that, as a company doing good for the world, in the long run, we will get better feedback even if we give up some short-term gains. The Baidu library is a thorough violation of the idea of not being evil. When users need a lot of documents, materials and books, Baidu library responded to this demand line, even if Baidu has expected a certain president of the consequences of piracy. After the phenomenon is self-evident, a large number of e-books were uploaded to Baidu library, and finally issued a copyright lawsuit. Although Baidu claims that as a platform does not have the obligation to review copyright compliance, but for the indulgence of piracy, Baidu library even legitimate and reasonable. With the negative impact of piracy growing, and Baidu library has also developed a user habits through piracy, and accumulated a user base, Baidu library began to seek the mode of reverse. The instinct of the Baidu advertiser makes it first thought of online marketing. Baidu library began to relax for marketing behavior through the Baidu keyword search in the library, ranking, enhance the Baidu Library’s status and position, this approach raises another problem with Baidu search, increase the number of invalid, garbage article. It can be said that Baidu library this product, designed to meet the needs of users only, for its positioning and future development, lack of thinking and planning.

library model: C2C, B2C, or C2B?


because of the early product line, the lack of long-term planning, and now Baidu library is still in the pattern exploration stage. In the early days, Baidu wanted to make more profits for Baidu’s search by expanding its product line, expanding its user base and increasing user stickiness. Baidu library is one of the lines of its layout. Therefore, the early Baidu library and Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know that operating ideas gap is not small, is a shared community: user upload for users to download. If from the point of view of supply and demand, that is, C2C model, individual to individual. As mentioned earlier, under this model, the proliferation of pirated articles and articles aimed at marketing has increased the pressure on Baidu libraries, and Baidu library has begun to regulate piracy

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