Be the same outside and inside are on the way to success website

Be the same outside and inside are on the way to success website

believes that compared to the station veteran, website construction and promotion would form their own a successful idea, but as some have just entered the ranks of the website construction of the novice webmaster, site construction and promotion is still a little difficult for them, do not know where to start. To join the new Adsense just entered, the industry’s friends are not many, there are problems can not receive timely guidance, they will inevitably go a lot of detours. I believe this is what every webmaster will experience. Here I think the problem about the website "table" and "in" speaking, how to do ", be the same outside and inside the site has done" full of sound and colour, and the road to success.

"Li" aspect,

"Li" here refers to the process of building our website. In fact, our website is itself a product, this product work, in the production process Cengcengbaguan to ensure that he is a high quality from production, valuable products, and the products based on the consumer market, located in the city of the consumer to a certain area, for specific consumer groups, recognized by the public, only in this way can become a valuable and high quality products, such as when we should, in the construction site how to do some more? It varies from person to person, according to the actual situation of itself, take our personal website for most of our personal webmaster’s own situation is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

A: in itself, there is a formal job, the site is spare time to do out of work out.

B: limited funds, and I have a few webmaster friends in the online exchange, for their website investment is out of food.

C: control technology, whether you are learning the computer out, or cattle, in the process of building the site will encounter this or that problem, professionals will be technical problems, and we these personal webmaster.

then we these personal webmaster do? There is a saying called method is much more difficult than, take the time to say, generally speaking, we have three hours of personal webmaster construction site one day, this should have it, if there are three hours of time, you will not be able to join the ranks of owners as for the financial aspect, we can continue with 1000 yuan, 200 yuan to do things, website investment money is mainly used in the domain name and virtual host, and now these two Dongdong have cabbage price, 1 yuan and 55 yuan of domestic domain name international top-level domain. The price of virtual hosting has dropped to about 90 yuan to 300 yuan of 1G capacity, so we don’t want to spend a lot of money on building websites. Our individual stationmaster should according to oneself circumstance, determine the investment scope that suits oneself.

because most people are turned, the site of the professional knowledge is not to pass. "

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