How does website operation cut off worry root

How does website operation cut off worry root

Buddhist says, "worry three thousand, all is cause and effect not to see through; in fact very reasonable, people often cling to appearance, and not clear things internal relations, so confused and confused.". In the website operation, we also often fall into all sorts of trouble: how to improve the website search engine is included, how to improve the site keywords ranking, how to use the Internet to make money, but in the end seems to have not tasted all the Dharma, a clear approach.

hearts are regular,

Jane beauty site operations consultant Mo field that, when you feel confused about the current work, the fact is that you do not have a clear goal; the lack of effective and reasonable goal, will let you every step it is difficult to judge the pros and cons. Website operation is especially so, measurable job target is the foundation that the website runs successfully.

so, what are quantifiable job goals for web operations such as the following:

A: I’m going to help my clients with website promotion today.

B: I would like to help customers today 20 peer forums, soft propaganda (publicity level reference XX project), mainly in order to increase 30% site traffic.

more than two goals, we can clearly see the second target can be quantified and perform better, and help the later website operation effect analysis; we can put forward according to the target of the work day were evaluated, and the target is helpful to coordinate their own work schedule.

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by cause and effect

says that the most efficient way to work is to find the cause of the problem before you look for it. This is what most people tend to overlook. Once problems arise, the first thing is not to analyze the causes of the problem, but rather to solve the problem. What seems reasonable is actually a reduction in productivity.

For example,

website operations consultant will usually meet website ranking and included reducing the number of cases in the daily work, when there is a problem of this sort, is usually not so easy to sign;, we were in a position, how to make the ranking up, how to make the amount collected and a method to improve? End, in another way, until exhausted, and no results.

This is why

? Mo that the website operation work of rule-based, but which methods to use, realize the website value through what way, this is the website managers need decision, rather than simply put forward solutions.

, for example, included in the volume of questions, first of all we have to think about how not to increase the amount of included, but thinking about why the search engine will increase the amount of included. There are two main aspects, one is the robot along the link to find the page, one is the content of the page readable and valuable. Well, the job we have to do is to add links and to make web content readable and valuable.

, but this is only the surface, and >

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