Assess baby net future development trend

Assess baby net future development trend

meets the needs of mother and baby, and has become a new type of Internet industry in the world. Ari found that the United States market consulting finishing all kinds of network media research data, the maternal and family media has become a new hotspot of Internet users access, access to the number of users is growing rapidly in the past six months. China parenting market the most attractive in the world, but the domestic development of the parenting website is still in the primary stage, many personal websites eating this market, a considerable part of the parenting website registered members reached 40-50 million scale, therefore the development space of parenting although the market is very broad, but the competition is very fierce. In this situation, Tianjin baby net ( has developed rapidly.

China parenting website pattern consists of: A, the e-commerce sales of products based on the red child, parenting, you fancy baby two,; to provide information, blog and community network, the cradle of Ya Ya and children, they have had no small influence in the mother in three, Chinese preschool network; Shanghai, preschool education network to provide professional education service oriented web site, such as Chinese preschool network has covered 80% of the country’s kindergarten, professional education service threshold is relatively high, relatively stable earnings.

these parenting sites face a 0-7 year old parents group, an estimated 20 million people, according to estimates. This group is characterized by early parenthood, and is willing to spend money on children, "gold content" is very high. The value chain of the child care market is very long, and all aspects of life of mothers and children, such as clothing, food, shelter, transportation, beauty, health, education, education and so on, are easy to gain as long as they catch one point. As a group of consumer demand, it is easy to attract commercial attention. For this reason, the child care industry has been a hot spot of investment.

spending power is very strong. From the beginning of pregnancy mother, a family into strong consumption period, a few years earlier for the children to live frugally saved up deposit will enter the outbreak period: consumer health care products, mother protective clothing, maternity care, etc.; baby bottles, baby stroller, children’s clothing, special cleaning supplies, toys etc.; even fetal education, housekeeping services, education services, and the consequent family housing, wards requirements, school children and so on. It can be said that once the child enters the family, the family’s rigid consumer spending has only just begun.

information demand is brisk. Now it is time for parents lack of parental knowledge, at the same time, parenting requirements are also very high, in preparation for pregnancy, future prospective mothers are eager to help, in order to gave birth to a healthy baby, how to adjust every aspect of life? The hospital only with clinical treatment, but it is difficult to provide help and guidance for pregnant women should be some nutrient elements in different periods to supplement, etc. How to adjust the diet, will not get professional help. For these questions, pregnant women tend to seek the experience of elders, colleagues and friends, but the individual differences are different

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