nternet business success five simply add search function for the website

nternet business success five simply add search function for the website

After the

website is built, maintenance and management become necessary. In this chapter, you will introduce the internal links optimization, efficient maintenance, and the promotion of PR.

1. Optimize the internal links of your website.

two, website maintenance three major common sense

three, improve website PageRank, coup

four, site exchange links, but also beware of fake

five, against illegal websites that violate content,

six, simple configuration allows the web server as strong as iron

seven, understand "spider", improve site included

eight, smart to speed up the page display speed

nine, to improve the domain name PageRank tips

More than

content details can be "Internet business success" (five): understanding "spider", improve website included "reading.".

ten, avoid messy online management of web files

as the site grows, the files in the web space are becoming increasingly cluttered. The general FTP file management way needs to download related software, cannot carry on the website maintenance at any time and place, but the service provider provides the on-line management system login process to be tedious and the function is simple. How can you manage and maintain your web site files quickly and efficiently so that they become neat and tidy? Here’s a way to manage web site files from the Web interface in a PHP system environment.

1. installation settings one step in place,

manages the PHP web site file online, using a program software called PHPCMS file manager. The software is only 82 KB in size and is freeware. It has the advantage of using PHP + AJAX to build, and the client uses caching technology to reduce the burden on the server. Before using, we need to first confirm that the site space supports both Session and Zend components, and that the PHP version is larger than 4.10.

then download the PHPCMS file manager master file, unzip the program, and upload the folder "Upload" and all of its files to the PHP web site. Then the files that need to be sorted and the UPLOAD folder changed to read and write mode. The method is to log into the website space in the FTP software and change the permission attribute of these file directories to 777, namely, select readable, writable and executable check boxes.

then performs a refresh command, confirm the installation is correct, the input file address in the browser, namely "http://s. your domain name /upload/index.php", press the Enter key will appear after the simple login interface program.



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