38 year old boy personal direction

38 year old boy personal direction

I don’t want to do the work now have thought for a long time, want to take a holiday now, to concentrate on the site, do feel development space will be great, my age is not small, do not want to dawdle in the company, please master pointing one or two.

‘s status: I am 38 years old, his wife, 3 year old children, a family of three, the average monthly income of 5 thousand of my wife, more than 4 thousand children in kindergarten, plus mortgage 3 thousand, place of residence in Shenyang, the second city, the consumption level is not high, I’m tired of the current work, have their own business plan has been a long time want to realize, by creating a website, want to listen to your views, give advice, here to talk about my ideas.

type: children, mother MS, respectively to create two website, content related information, hot topics, methods, interactive entertainment and so on, on the basis of this, want to start a forum, registered members has increased in popularity, the profit model mainly for advertising.


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I would like to ask you a few questions about the above:

1, now WEB website is not already downhill, this website has founded the market, and the mature website according to the competition advantage, can make its own characteristics, this is not a good suggestion, should not be to the development of mobile Internet, is not in the network and computer, WEB the website is certainly difficult, even without the idea of mobile internet.

2, the most important site is certainly the original article, I certainly will not invest a lot of money to run the company, just want to do on your own personal website, so the original article only themselves to think of ways, they have so large amount of original writing does not, in such as pig Witkey websites pay someone to write feasible, capital investment is not too large, able to withstand. In the future, if it can be bigger, is it better to set up a team? Is it feasible for the network team to work at home?

3, I have introduced the situation of my family, there must be life pressure, to achieve profitability, how long can a successful web site failed website Oh, may I ask the innumerable, you could not answer.

4, a person can set up at most several websites, I heard that someone has created more than 20 personal websites. I am a student of auditing and accounting. I would like to start an accounting information website and a local website, so that I can spend more time on it and subsidize my family. Of course, I still want to do a website first.

5, on the above website, with what kind of building software, choose what kind of space, about how much investment?.

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my advice is don’t do, you would a person too > online!

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