Look at the Google incident from the book of changes GG will not quit China

Look at the Google incident from the book of changes GG will not quit China

the two day online crazy pass GG China coming out of the domestic market, but no rush about telling the news around spreading, a conclusion, I would think GG will not withdraw from the Chinese, many people may have different opinions, or let me finish my point, then appraise, really grateful.


Fu’s 7 thousand years ago that the "start", "easy" concept deeply implanted in people’s heart, plus the Later Zhou Wenwang added "King gossip", later in 2500 before Confucius on the "easy" note on "ten wings", the fundamental of Chinese civilization to set. Then, after we had any questions on a criteria, for thousands of years, no partial leakage.

of course, the "book of changes" not to underestimate the fortune teller, "book of changes", that is the smatterer simple attempt on the "book of changes", of course, we say this far, back to our topic, we use the "book of changes" in the "birth" to analyze the concept of GG will not quit China market, we assume that the two conditions: exit and exit China, the Internet market will be how to go, finally we comprehensive analysis, GG will exit the market China.

1. if GG exits the Chinese market,

if the GG China exit market, with the "book of changes" point of view, what is the "life"? Of course very clear answer, "Baidu", occupy the Chinese SE market is the two giants, but "life" is a broad and relative concept, we can expect that, in order to make up for the GG exit this is a gap, Baidu is stepping up the pace at the same time, Bing, Yahoo, love search, these pieces will certainly increase the SE investment in the market, there are other small companies, will seize the opportunity to enter the SE market, strive to share a cup of soup, Chinese SE market may be a shopping company other SE of course, Baidu and Baidu, the odds are too big, GG have been forced to withdraw, and the other, the best result is: all SE companies (including Baidu) to fill the 30% after GG left the market, the worst result is: Baidu won, then Unite the whole world. These two results are "born", but the effect is different, the former China SE market has a contention of a hundred schools of thought, leap in the competition, the Baidu SE China dominate the world, the loss of market competition in a period of time, there is no guarantee of Baidu keyword, increase the price increase as Baidu alliance threshold, to develop more potential SE rule……

we know that the "book of changes", the most important one: the life of two, two students, China Unicom and China Mobile has just gone through this journey, is China SE market will go like this? The answer is yes, Chinese SE market is in such a way, GG out on the go fast, GG do not quit. Go slowly, some people may find it difficult to do now is GG, not Baidu, in fact, in the end, hard to do now is China SE market, and hold the intervention ability in this field can be predicted, GOV, GG exit, there are negative "on the three aspects

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