How to conduct site health investigation

How to conduct site health investigation

why is a website ranked high, not necessarily through these methods to see out?. But the general website rankings can not be found, or suspected of punishment, you can see the clues through these steps.

first look at the domain name Whois information.

pay attention to the time of the first registration of the domain name. Do you have any registrants who change hands? This Whois tool can also display the type of host used.

, if the domain name registration is only a few months, in the Google ranking is not normal, do not go down the search.

check that the site DNS settings are correct.

many server settings in China have problems, of course, this does not necessarily affect the ranking, but some server technology problems may affect the search engine crawl on the web.

check what sites are available on the IP address of the site.

can use this reverse IP tool to check, random pick a few domain names, take a look at the Google, YAHOO, Baidu’s collection. If these sites have problems, they may indicate that this IP is already a problem.

uses YAHOO to check links to websites.

checks with Yahoo, Explorer, and if there’s a lot of obvious forums, blogs, spam messages in the backlinks, that’s not a good thing.

check the collection.

in Google, YAHOO, Baidu check web pages, whether there are a large number of additional materials.

The intuitive feel of the

home page and several main column pages.

this may be more experience. For example, is there a large number of links at the bottom of the home page? If they happen to be on the same IP address, it will explain the problem.

, for example, the title length of a web page, is not the entire title of the browser does not show the end, this is a lot of people like to pile up keywords, generally speaking, 20 to 30 words will be enough.

then look at the description tag. Does the keyword label have a tendency to pile up?

checks for hidden text.

According to the

Ctrl A to select all the content on the page, then you can see all don’t see the text before? Look at the CSS file has no the text size is set to zero, in the invisible layer, or on the screen can show the location of the


site structure and URL static.

has many websites with a large number of URL questions, but wondered why the collection is not good.

checks if there are multiple domains pointing to the same content.

selects some specific sentences on the page, such as >

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