Website traffic can not be promoted it will enhance the user viscosity of the site

Website traffic can not be promoted it will enhance the user viscosity of the site

more attractive, the greater the depth of user traffic, the user viscosity is most of the sites are shouldering the mission of profit and flow, in order to enhance the profitability of open the door, but the traffic is so easy to come? I think it is easy to get a small flow, it is difficult to obtain large flow. In fact, the content of a website determines the upper limit of his traffic. I like the trouble point de, relying on some sexy graphic video, solid site experience, and sometimes the loopholes and indignant news, sports, games, music, movies and so on noodles the same content is impossible to achieve on IP20000.

come, I’m a personal blog site, and secondly, I’m too miscellaneous, even if I’m very professional, people will think I’m not professional. Only that kind of all inclusive portal, in order to really let every visitor find the information they need, and only they can make the search engine most keywords have their shadow. This is a personal blog, in any case can not do.

since our personal blog traffic limit has been limited, then we do not have to make it difficult for this qualitative leap in the flow of efforts to do. Once your day IP has done 5000, stop, and don’t promote it. This is the limit of the personal blog. What you have to do at that time is to increase user viscosity.

some people will have questions, this daily average IP5000 is equal to 5000 visitors to your site produced stickiness? Of course not, this 5000IP is the sum of old users plus search engine visitors. As a matter of fact, there is a big difference between the old and the new. Cultivate good user viscosity is beneficial to the profitability of the website. Old users of your blog basically is very familiar with, your point of view, the scope of your articles, some of your basic information they will understand, so, if they had the chance, will feel the right person you recommend to him. This point, through the search engine to the people are passers-by, after a visit, it is difficult to collect your web pages. Let alone take the initiative to help you spread it. Moreover, the old users out of your support and affirmation, will occasionally help you little advertising, if the old users more, then, your website advertising hits more than 8%, nothing unusual. Although the price of IP click ads from search engines is a bit more, will their ad clicks exceed 1% unless you set a click trap?. Otherwise, they would be like looking for a miss, and when they finished, they would clap their hands and leave. So, there may be 2 stations are 5000IP station, but the user viscosity has absolute advantage of that site, will be more profitable than another site, but also more influential.

so, what about user viscosity,


back rate is high user viscosity, generally speaking, to ensure that a user’s first visit rate to 60% is pretty good

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