Share the way to make 14 a day

Share the way to make 14 a day

I want to say or do, the reason is I not something else, I eat the money from the guest, I began to do English site 5 months ago, this method can make people want to do, and will do better than me. I have been out of work for a long time, I don’t remember, I am not love to play games, see the day at home or play online games in Internet cafes, how I have to figure out, but a chance, one of my classmates said he made a game site, income well, let me envy. He said, why don’t you do e site, after online research, found that this method is really feasible?.

he asked how my guest site, I said I was very hard, but also how to break the 3000/ site a month mark, I also carefully analyzed the reason, now the Tao do many people, then that is not a very long time, some things should be time to solve. But personally think that the most important is the TB API after plummeting revenues, now I do not understand. Just a few days ago a group of friends "white crow" in 14, cash 12000 yuan when TB was frozen, the reason is that he made a guest with links in the TB group of friends shouted, it seems to make money online to find a new breakthrough.

online a lot of Wangzhuan project, mostly to miss the point and e relative to the site, the US is not what problem, but no one to try it now, you can hand out. Wordy for a long time, now cut into the topic. Or those, domain name, space, source code, links, rankings, traffic, advertising. Tools: translation software, acquisition software.

: the first statement about whether garbage sites or formal site can make money is a good site, if you wanted, you do not fit any site (remember this sentence is what I said)

1, the domain name I registered in Yahoo, called "Datang network", in order to highlight the characteristics of China, called the teacher to help me translation. In fact, it is not so difficult, enough people can do it. Must be.Com’s..

2, the space must also be foreign, I used in the A5 above looking for one of the American Seattle’s computer room. VPS’s 20G, it turned out to be great. Want to try, do not take detours.

3, the source code, I use zblog, Dede can also be used, and now it seems that zblog is very good, SEO is suitable for GG, simple operation, powerful, we have time to study, and CMS is also comparable. Update must be diligent, so GG is very good to you.

4, link to XXX simple, you see the link link exchange platform up, use Baidu Search many (do not want to write the address I fear that one day ad) link 5 is very easy, I also bought a black links, but also through the school teacher fix several foreigners link: Asia Pacific Legal Metrology group of American national standards the British National Bureau of Technical Physics of German Physics >

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