This has been relying on designers to support the enthusiasm of the web site ten years

This has been relying on designers to support the enthusiasm of the web site ten years

at the back of the Beijing Jiuxianqiao Lotte Mart supermarket small roadside, Hongyun Building a station on the four floor, Q brother every day to do only one thing, this thing he had done for eight years, sitting in front of the computer audit faces designers and photographers to upload pictures.

In the

7*24 hour shift, Q and six other colleagues were responsible for reviewing pictures uploaded to the designer community "cool", with an average of 3000 audits per person per day. For eight years, Q has reviewed millions of different designs, including graphic, illustration, UI, and almost all design categories. A picture, what labels to play, can not pass, what kind of recommendation level, Q brother knows it.

is cool in the designer community. There are seven people responsible for the review. Twenty thousand pictures uploaded to the community need to be processed every day. That’s what they’ve been doing every day since they joined the station, but they’re still tired. You can’t even understand their passion for it. These young people who are immersed in mechanical repetition every day are often expressionless, but seem to have a burning flame in their hearts.


cool home page

cool is one of the largest designer communities in china. Liang Yaoming, the founder, took a deep breath, stood up and shook hands with me in a formal manner.

he is not good at talking, most of the time he will stand on the roof of the company, a person bow his head to play with mobile phones, left twist cigarettes.

Liang Yaoming, like most of his web users, is not talkative and reserved, but his heart is always full of enthusiasm. He loved photography, and when I mentioned that I wanted to see his pictures, his eyes flashed away, and he showed me pictures of all the places he had visited and uploaded to the cool neighborhood.

cool was just a personal blog that Liang Yaoming used to store and share the material he collected. Did not think of the past ten years, the station from 2006 cool a little personal blog to BBS, then to UGC community platform, now the number of registered users up to four million and three hundred thousand of the designer, has successfully launched its genuine picture trading platform, cool · sea station; Luo creative. Now many designers interview in job mail or resume attached to their cool home page, used for display works, as their professional endorsement.


hero creative home

for our non designers occupation, may stand cool · Hylo creative people are more familiar with PingWest products, play a lot of pictures with the hero is creative copyright.

Liang Yaoming explained that the traditional library websites rely on lavish large enterprises to live.

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