Vertical electricity supplier how to do elegant small business thinking so that vip com growth in t

Vertical electricity supplier how to do elegant small business thinking so that vip com growth in t


A few days ago, sina

students mood is generally not high, because many media reported shares soared in science and technology, the market is worth two Sina "this one description, let Sina a"  collateral damage  "feeling.

even put in the market, is also a magic stock, in less than two years,’s share price rose by 35 times, the market value of close to tens of billions of dollars in the club, after "BAT" big three and 360 long in the mainstream view, finally the Central Plains of the potential.

compared with the traditional electricity supplier concept, in addition to the growth trend on the same high-speed train, in fact, is quite unique:

1, focused on flash purchase model, in women dominated vertical market force cultivation, not active and Ali, Jingdong head-on confrontation;

2, with the operation of selling a single product (commonly known as the "explosion"), to the goods with the flow, there have been Greenwich Research Group report issued by short sellers, and its stock price that did not match the status in Chinese brand awareness;

3, profit, yes, this is very important, when the burn is still the mainstream of competition in China’s electricity supplier means, has continued to profit for 5 consecutive quarters;

4, concentrating on the back, to flow, is not dominant, but’s repeated (2 or more) consumer can be accounted for more than 50% of the total active users, which makes can flow in the purchase operation member, "on-demand delivery"; < / p>

5, light luxury positioning, tried to enter the market in the luxury business, then in order to expand the size of the user, will start in the end, two or three line city positioned in first-tier cities in the high-end brand sales, to scroll the discount in price.


of these five features, the is different from the traditional business out of the single plank bridge, and even some "anti Internet thinking" means, in the opinion of the practitioners is committed to build a platform,’s business model is doomed to be unable to "standardization", over reliance on human, do very tired, but the risk is controllable capsize.

can’t say that is not aware of his sword pay price — in fact, investment Lasafo is holding egg basket increase approach to and the vertical game player, Ali and the Jingdong route is always correct nonsense, when in the crowded commercial street already, IKEA is still this can be erected, the fine desire universal demand based on the above, it is explored the vertical cracks, only the volume may be far less than the Gaoanshengu crevice, to cultivate ecological independent and small changes, safe from the sea.

vertical for getting out of the crevice for higher volume

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