Pornhub how does a porn site advertise

Pornhub how does a porn site advertise

Earlier this week,

James Robinson wrote in the article: "television is still the advertising giant of the times, and it beats the Internet easily while watching.". Nielsen and Simulmedia, a video advertising company, showed that Americans watched an average of 146 hours of television a month, while online video only had 12 hours less than 1/12 on tv.

but not all of the product ads are good for tv. Products do not choose TV advertising, there may be two reasons: one is because it has no money, can not afford to pay for television advertising, but also may be because the product itself does not fit advertised on tv.

, maybe some people already know about the Pornhub website. Well, you don’t have to open it at work (which is what you know). The problem that Pornhub faces is obviously the latter. It is not bad money, but want to advertise on TV in the mainstream has repeatedly denied. But Pornhub Price, vice president of Corey, is confident that his product will one day be able to impress viewers. But after the website for the Super Bowl (Super Bowl) to do a advertising has been CBS broadcast television shoot – but it is no wonder that CBS such mainstream TV advertising is laughable if you accept our.

so small TV station is not to have more avant-garde mind? Spike TV communications department senior vice president of David Schwarz in Business Insider said in an interview: "no way! We will not budge for the Yellow advertising! Two tit for tat, gotta find out a solution. But if the Pornhub of this kind of website onto the TV screen so determined, perhaps extremely excited Spike is their best choice.

seems that the main advertising channels Pornhub currently rely on are the following: social, digital, and human campaigns. But this may be consistent with startups appetite, they are not such a big company by the media moral constraints, can accept AV website advertising scale, in addition there is a very important point: they need to rely on advertising, but the price of TV advertising is a hurdle they currently not exceeded, the two hit it off.

Pornhub recently launched a non mainstream marketing campaign called "Safe-For-Work"". As the name suggests, the content on the Pornhub web site is NSFW (not-safe-for-work), which is strictly forbidden in the workplace. But now that we have a more friendly approach, acceptance has expanded. Events encourage advertisers to contribute ideas to Tumblr (a social networking site like Twitter). The website also promised that participants who won the prize had the opportunity to become a.

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