The domain name hold well known websites were too late to mend

The domain name hold well known websites were too late to mend

January 5th around 16 in the afternoon, in 2010, China’s first act of the Internet "Cup" staged. Domestic well-known SNS dating community, vertical IT technology information website, as well as well-known blog hosting service providers blog, bus, are unable to access the same time. By querying the whois information of the three sites, three domains are found to be in the clientHold state. ClientHold is the easiest way for a registrar to disable a domain name. After the domain name is locked, users cannot access the locked web site. After verification, the new network to provide domain name registration services for the three sites of the said three websites are hold reasons for receiving Beijing tongguanju notice, said the website containing pornographic and other illegal information requirements to lock. It is reported that the domain name locked site is large and small, it is estimated that more than ten thousand. So far, IT168 has resumed its visit,, Shanghai and other regions have access, while areas such as Beijing are still inaccessible, the blog bus is the case, still can not open the page. When will it be possible to recover, without knowing for the time being?.

self-examination from the CNNIC domain name since the record, first prohibited CN domain name personal registration, and then issued regulations, the future is not filed, domain name will not be resolved. Less than a month, 100 thousand personal websites have been shut down. But it is the first time that the enterprise has been shut down, especially the IT168. The domain name has been stopped parsing. There is no precedent in the IT science and technology information website. Thus, the reorganization of domain name service will be further developed, and more stringent, and involves some well-known large enterprise class website. Coincidentally, on the afternoon of 5 Beijing announced that, in order to further implement the Ministry of industry and information technology "issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology on the further improvement of mobile phone pornography special action program", and actively implement the CNNIC recently issued "on the implementation of the website not be resolved without the filing of the domain name (including jump) Notice", the new network will make three adjustments to the domestic domain name service for newly registered domestic domain suspended until the analysis, to complete the record and correct after verification services; for the success of the domain name has been registered, to begin the work of self-examination and registration mark placed on the website prominently; at the same time, the new the network will start to record check customer, found no record analysis will be suspended. Adsense nets satisfied think three well-known website domain name is hold, and the new network announcements are not unrelated, and heralded a new round of domain name to rectify the storm coming, the majority of small owners will experience another ordeal.

these three sites in the end there is no yellow, Qing people from the Qing, muddy from muddy. If you want to tell a lie, some things might just not be dealt with in time. If not injustice did not cause, picture outside the chain has been a problem, this is the reason to stop before the initiative of the chain, if not stop, I believe this hold will be more serious, there may even die 51 has always been there

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