The domain name from the network transfer success experiences

The domain name from the network transfer success experiences

these last 22 days, I have had a very painful experience, which has wasted a lot of my time, energy and money.

I transfer the two domain names and are almost registered in a proxy million net in 2007, of course, because of the cheap, do not know what, also don’t know can be registered to the domain name in foreign countries, also not clear in China will transfer the domain name registrar, then all obstruction, also don’t know all will be for all kinds of reasons to stop others domain name this kind of thing. Anyway, I think I will write a blog more and more of my domain name on the network there is a sense of security are not, and many functions are lacking, service is particularly poor, increasingly unable to meet my needs. So, I was determined, I must leave the evil nets, let him go to zhuanbility, you blow, blow how niubility go.


domain before I have repeatedly asked me where the network agents there, how to transfer the domain name, has been a certain answer, the whole process is particularly troublesome, but has yet to start. Until I see more and more people will be in their own domain name transferred to a foreign country, more overbearing and unreasonable news more and nets, I have more and more mood.according, I will transfer the domain to abroad. In April 20th, I will be ready before the computer information and copy of ID card completely in accordance with the requirements to the bus network, the Mars school students where the post office to apply for EMS express to Beijing net headquarters, 2 dollars for the courier cost me 21 yuan and block the bus back and forth. The day I told the agent there I have said all information sent to the nets of people, after two or three days will receive.

the past five days, I still have not received my domain password, especially low efficiency nets. I have consulted the successful transfer of the domain name of Jiangdong brother, decided to start calling, call my phone to network agent, has no answer or just hang up my phone, and then call the network agent, hope they can help me to hurry, to assist a domain transfer. Day was a Sunday, so when they call me on Monday to ask you, OK, I will continue to wait. On Monday, I’ll call the network specialist Hu XX, Hu XX took a name which I promised to wait for the next check for me. It was Tuesday, and I call the network specialist, I said to his classmates specialist information did not prove that the two is my domain name, need to handle the transfer agent there, the domain name information into complete with my ID card information match, uh, well, I also feel. Then, I immediately contact the agent there, and ask them to help me deal with the transfer, so that I can successfully transfer my domain name, agent said, for domain name transfer, each domain name to receive 30 dollars, oh, that!

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