Talk about 2 years of online life earned 3W

Talk about 2 years of online life earned 3W

is 18 years old, originally this article would have been 18 years old birthday, but the day with my girlfriend to go out, so there is no time to write! My name is t, many users have asked me what my name is called QQ, for what, if I said that I was a new webmaster, I think it is not new, if I am old webmaster, I am still very young, well. These words do not say much, talk about my experience.


I attend a school "training game, later to represent the school out of the game, went to Chongqing, it is the first time I went to the door, the teacher took us out of the game, (who is a game of pure ASP, before that I do not know what the website at that time) a straight to Taobao, but no Alipay. Unfortunately the game, we don’t get first, but the results are good, trip. But to me the most is the impact I know what the network, I know the network can make money, I began to prepare my first station, are friends: (non ad network plait feel ad directly delete it), this station is BBS, when I see in in520, non mainstream, and the moon, as well as a non mainstream type of forum, now has more than 1 years or 2 years, half-dead, rt-520 for half a year, my daily update Write articles, but IP is always around 1000, and.Gg’s revenue is between 0.2-0.5 knives,

every day in the forum should ask out how to make money. Also asked Ebing brother. He told me not to do click. From that time I began to do FF and picsa, that was my first pot of gold, I made a single page of FF. But with, did not expect the row to the first page of Baidu ninth afternoon, GG $3, happy I am dead. Later on that day about $5 of GG revenue, the first time I received pin, the first Western Union, I still remember the numbers, 143.46 knives, I got the money, excited to death, immediately ask her mother to eat.


second station, famous quotes this is my most satisfying the rt520 station, I found a lot of things, including the SEO, how to ranking, but the forum is really too difficult to SEO, so I decided to do a literature station, his first SEO, second is a normal gauge station.

, his Travel Network

mingren520 this station is really lucky. For less than 2 months, I have more than 3000 IP, GG day to 8-10 knife, but it’s still not satisfied, may see 5 to 10 knife knife, the knife to see 10 many knife. When do the Spring Festival more than a month. I do a couplets column, that really cool, fast to the Spring Festival. Famous quotes IP I rose to 2W. that is my most crazy month. At that time the GG income rise,….


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