Talking about how to do their own local webmaster navigation site

Talking about how to do their own local webmaster navigation site

because of my work, I spend most of the day online, more than 10 hours, and most of the day on the internet. In the summer of 2009, I suddenly had an idea, in order to facilitate their use of Web site navigation, each time you can quickly enter the site I need. I found a navigation source, built a web site navigation. Due to too many nationwide site navigation, he was named as the "Qigihar" site navigation, site navigation is of course a local station, now more than a year, and now want to put the station on the way experience to share with everyone. Later, less detours,


April 2009, I built the Qigihar site navigation, found the open source on the Internet, the intact moved a change. A station will be built, but I found this program, like the online 114la touch, for me, there is no convenient place, then, in May, I decided to follow my revision, easy to use and requires revision. After revision, I am satisfied with myself. Every time I surf the Internet, I don’t open the Baidu. I open my website directly. I need all the things I need.

June 2009, before June, because there is no promotion, I always use my website, sometimes Baidu can bring 50 IP. I do statistical code analysis, most of the region’s IP, there seems to be a lot of attention. So, I think of further revision, this time highlight local characteristics, the city’s Web site all together, increase utility tools, increase the city news. After 1 months of hard work, I finally finished.

July 2009, with local characteristics of the site navigation, revision, has been the local users of the strong support from 50IP straight line jump to 200IP. But I’m still not satisfied. Because I put Baidu and Google and Ali mother promotion code, to eat the sweetness, the specific figures do not say. So I think it’s necessary to increase traffic to give me a handsome profit. So I summed up some of the main points in the success of the local site navigation:

1, find 2 local more authoritative computer companies. Cooperate to do Internet system, open the page set site navigation page, of course, the people will not give you to do, because they also put their own Baidu code, therefore, need to give them money, if you have the money to the Internet according to each machine how much, how much money we pay (here a machine 10 yuan), and can promote cooperation, account sharing, the average distribution of profits, according to the local conditions, their own analysis.

2, you collected local websites to find some large, and they do links, every day can also bring a lot of traffic. And so on, the local navigation web site resources almost full, then resolutely delete and I don’t do links site. Now, my website includes all the websites that link with me, Qigihar website navigation, http>

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