Linkedn starting from social networking sites how to build media empires

Linkedn starting from social networking sites how to build media empires

review: 100 million of Linkedin’s users are potential authors, and this strategy has turned it from a social networking site to a media operating site to bring professional knowledge to users all over the world.

Linkedin entered the online content publishing field is this thing for two years, when it launched a project called Influencers, invited business figures such as Richard Branson and Jack, Welch for the website writing original article.

since then, the release of original content has become another important strategy for Linkedin. It’s 100 million users are potential authors, this strategy allows Linkedin from the beginning of the social class job site into a media website, dedicated to users all over the world to bring knowledge and insight on the occupation.

for Linkedin, the importance of this strategy can be seen from the management’s attention. For example, Ryan Roslansky, who is responsible for media content products, says he receives a lot of mail every day from CEO Jeff Weiner. Jeff Weiner will often talk to him about Linkedin in content publishing business, in each quarter earnings will be with Wall Street analysts stressed these, also will pay attention to the time users spend on media content growth. All this shows that the media content field is directly concerned by the top leadership.

and Linkedin recently set up the first office outside of the Mountain View headquarters in San Francisco. And this summer, hundreds of engineers, product managers and other staff have moved to new offices, which are located near San Francisco Financial District.

and the new office is just a beginning, because Linkedin’s media empire dream, it is to build a bigger place, at least 450 thousand square feet, is expected to be completed in 2016, will have 2500 employees working in it.

actually moves the entire product department from the corporate headquarters to another place, which is not much seen in technology companies, and is rarely seen. Many companies, such as Facebook, Google and apple, try to get the entire engineering team to work in one environment, and if they buy a small start-up, they will move the acquired team to join them.

In fact,

relative to other companies Linkedin relocation has not attracted much attention, such as Pinterest, although only 50 employees but when it moved to San Francisco from Silicon Valley, or to get a lot of attention, there are also some other technology companies in the same way. In fact, now in San Francisco, Linkedin is also a big one

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