Ancient Zhang micro business applications personal QQ space drainage practice method

Ancient Zhang micro business applications personal QQ space drainage practice method

do a lot of micro business friends asked me how to attract more fans, what method does not in fact, in many ways, I said in front of using Baidu Post Bar drainage, do not know if you have no, today I will tell you a new method, that is a practical application of QQ space drainage method

some people say, "aren’t we micro agents,


why do you want to attract fans in the QQ space? Asked this question, I really want you, you must first make sure you are trying to make money or want to do micro business, some people are thinking too confined, do not know what is what you want. QQ space can not do micro quotient? There are many ways to drainage, which is one of them! Well, nonsense, not to mention, we directly see how to operate ~


the first step, first of all, is positioning.

first determine what kind of fans, I want to do the micro business, most of them are women’s products, the mask is not cosmetic skin care products, so we have to find relevant female products as an example, the popularity of QQ space.

second step, find a popular QQ number

called "popularity number", that is, QQ space browsing is relatively high, because we want to attract female fans, so I found the following QQ space as a reference

as I write this article today at 4:30 in the afternoon, traffic has reached 13 thousand, so, according to the WeChat website or the public number of logic, this QQ space fans are very accurate, and is very active. So, aren’t these traffic exactly what we need? The next question is how to make the traffic available to us.

third step: click on the above attention, so you can receive the first time she sent the talk and log.

in addition, when you click on the attention, the following window pops up, and you notice similar popularity. The QQ space also comes out, so you have more QQ space like exact users.

fourth step: when he says something, comment immediately.

to this space, basically are interested in this brand of people, whether it is agent or to buy their own use, you can go to dig her out,


well, write this, you should know how to do it, find 100 similar space, every day to comment, and then quietly waiting for someone to explode your WeChat, plus powder difficult


operations need to be paid attention to several places:

1, be sure to find your good space for special interest or concern, so that when he says, you can go to the first time to comment, of course, the premise is that your network speed.

2, the copywriting for comment must be prepared in advance and need to be accurate

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