Discussion on establishing profitable website from nursery stock purchasing network

Discussion on establishing profitable website from nursery stock purchasing network

you work hard to build the station, and ask who doesn’t want to make a profit? But how can we make the site profit? I’ll buy from my nursery nets shallow analysis, how to build profitable site. Is a master of the detour and go,

!The profitability of the

site is closely related to the site’s architecture, content, and user experience. Have a reasonable architecture, original content, high user experience, your site does not make money, it is impossible!


combine my nursery stock purchasing net, we will analyze these three.

1. after a period of time of seedling network research, combined with the requirements of design of today’s architecture: Seedling procurement network name — know the main is the supply and demand of seedlings, so supply and buy site is designed in the front page, allowing users to be able to see at a glance in the supply, purchase information, this at the same time with the high degree of user experience. This information supply and buy seedlings was collected from the published information and browsing, so the original is very high, which is consistent with the above mentioned content of the original, while the information design in the home front, is very conducive to the search engine spider crawling.

2. content originality, this you later not complete, but at least as far as possible to do pseudo original. Do not blindly copy. This search engine is not included, although your site has updated, but will always stay in the home snapshot,


3. user experience – this is what I feel is very important. This site is not doing well, very little can achieve user viscosity. To do this, you have to analyze your site and browse the crowd. For example, my site is nursery stock purchasing network, browse this site is mostly seedlings, farmers, etc., these people are not very proficient in this computer, you have to do as far as possible to make them good operation. Many sites are registered in order to publish information. But my site is registered, you can publish, visitors can also release. I analyzed the nursery stock supply seedlings, buy seedlings quotation project bidding, the four plates have to design, convenient for visitors. So all of my visitors have the right to publish directly. This will maximize the user experience. Very simple, such as your site is designed to be very handsome, but browsing in (to publish information in agricultural seedlings seedlings, they looked for a long time, do not know where, so that they may be released) directly off the page. Because the seedling site is not only you, you can’t do Monopoly!


very late, what new experience or experience, and then continue to share it,

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