was about China host experience from garbage

was about China host experience from garbage

I always do not love too much, today is a special day, I do not know how to write a soft Wen to, even grumble, say oneself do stand for two years by the garbage from host experience.

06 years after graduation, all the students have been looking for a good job. I don’t know how to think, perhaps not quite love by too many constraints, not love that you think it is very boring to work after work, Dongchuang basically traveled the entire West Chuang Chinese finally returned to Shanghai, is still very confused.

by the time and in the past more than a month, this time every night is basically not because of Internet bar all night, indulging in the network, but to think of a way, looking for information, there is a cheap night Internet bar all night, all night 10 hours 8 dollars an hour during the day is 3 dollars, for the fast tree I is compelling, finally naturally sink to the individual owners of the army in the past.

the original domain name as long as a piece of money to a registered, then registered a lot, really do the station is only a 8cin.cn, because the garbage host’s sake, yesterday has been basically all K, as described below.

this year step by step through, it is a painful experience, this is the way, one thing is not to say. Back to the topic, talk is Chinese grassroots webmaster host experience from garbage.

mentioned above is the station to do its own first station, navigation, not because of positioning problems, but personal technology is limited, a navigation station, on HTML, simple and convenient. Spell a few days later, came out hundreds of HTML pages, and so on to find the host problem. To do before heard everywhere online is a liar, and finally chose a cautious, can withstand the loss of host cheated, probation for a period of time, so desperately to engage in propaganda flow, but also the highest IP a few hundred.

no way, only from the content of the site, so day and night to learn SEO, bubble webmaster bbs.

works on computers every day, working less than 16 hours a day. I’ve had the highest record of 28 hours of work on computers, and everything seems to be running against life.

time is fair for everyone, for me is very unfair, in more than two years later, I still did live, no results, not to mention the success, more personal touch of painful memories, because the road is their own choice, so we should not to regret, but for the people around, the ignorance of the hurt family is irreparable.

about doing the station, I think I’ll stick to it. About the garbage host, I really want to say some of the most malicious words, for the sake of civilization, so complain, talk about my experience, then,



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