Website filing system and then raise the topic of conversation and wait for its change

Website filing system and then raise the topic of conversation and wait for its change

new week has just begun, about the "website for the record" information once again attracted everyone’s attention, the website filing problem once again been concerned about. June 21st news, said the Ministry accepted the website in July 5th, the establishment of authorized photo sites, I do not know if this means that the site filing system is really going to the implementation phase. Since last year, Internet campaign, site record information every time you mentioned again, relevant departments of the attitude and policy seems to have been hovering in the domestic, site record system is still not perfect policies.

news May 12, 2010, learned from the domestic web access providers, site record pictures work has already begun the formal implementation stage, in addition to the site sponsor to access business pictures for record, also need to sign the undertaking real information and access operators, in order to complete the website information to verify the authenticity of the work. San June 10th news, the Ministry of industry and information technology (MIIT) website issued a notice that the site management system will be on June 19, 2010 18 to 24 in July 25, 2010 to upgrade. June 21st news, according to internal sources, at present, the Ministry of industry and information technology three systems have been switched, namely: ministerial, provincial, enterprise level, three level system. In July 5th before the authority does not accept any website information submitted for the record, in July 5th after the website registration information submitted will be reported at the same time, will have to fill in the verification of the authenticity of the single and official photos. It is understood that the latter will set up authorized photo sites around, take pictures nearby. Now is the end of June, do not know if this is not the last time.

In May 27th

Admin5 forum every Thursday baby activities in the "explore" the scene photos’ personal website for the record ", invited several provincial IDC operators on the scene photo filing system also expressed their own views. Some of the more conservative IDC that "if you do the regular site, and intend to do for a long time, or with the national policy, with the IDC to perform the verification of the authenticity of the information, take the initiative to communicate with the IDC company"; others are optimistic "we are not in a hurry to take pictures, or their noses, pay more attention to DZ X 8 and PW have become the forum portal upgrade, expected BBS forum concept will become increasingly short, after all is the community portal, BBS didn’t need special record what". More than a month ago, the author also wrote "Youxian waves or the live camera system of" crying wolf "?" The article thinks, the scene photographed system have no mass base, difficult execution; purify the network environment also need to monitor the long-term effective mechanism, these two problems have not been solved, the record may not have substantial progress. Although the record problem has been mentioned again, I wonder if it is still a smoke bomb". However, obviously, this concern has also declined, more rational attention, more and more people join the ranks of wait-and-see.

China’s Internet site filing system has not been proven effective, and is seriously and internationally derailed

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