Personal experience the way out for stationmaster

Personal experience the way out for stationmaster

combined with individual actual combat experience, say the next personal webmaster’s way out! BBS and website and website outlet should be no! Now, first of all, try to analyze this point:

1, national attitudes to the forum first is strict, and the strong interaction, if one or several people, can be said to take care of basic but come! I have had this experience, accidentally sent to the reactionaries malicious content, finally stand off! Now the reactionary terror molecules are many, I think we are in the mail received such a letter, so the forum is not good management, so the individual owners generally will not choose this


2, URL station, with the 114LA open source, seems to give many webmaster bright front, but in fact closed all personal Adsense development of the road. Of course, there must be exceptions, but there is no doubt that it is difficult to make a big deal. Its open source is not open source like DZ,


3, garbage station, do more is not long. Only for the moment. I have a friend who is doing the steel industry website, in order to optimize the site to do a lot of garbage station, but later the steel net off! Because the optimization is only temporary, Baidu is changing. We don’t seem to be able to keep up with Baidu, so we often hear people curse Baidu, but Baidu’s approach is understandable,


4 and integrated station. There’s no need to think about that. I can’t do it,


what exactly does that man do,


according to my experience, using some simple procedures to do some simple stops. The so-called simple: in function and application of a single location, simple and practical.

from June began to do not happy Encyclopedia {} to today, less than a month’s time, Baidu has included more than 400! With a map for your reference:


said that the experience is nothing, the optimization is that I am simply very shallow. Just a day fixed update some articles, you may think this is stupid, but in my opinion it is a way to do it, sometimes need is a little like the spirit of


so I think the personal webmaster’s way out is:

1, find something you’re familiar with.

2, find the easiest and easiest to manage.

3, do some moderate optimization, in order to long-term interests, don’t optimize too much, also don’t often change keywords, or be K is inevitable,


4, update the content regularly, do not make it a dead end.

5, persevere.

reason everyone can speak, but can do is not easy, I hope everyone can do good to come out of


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