t’s harder to be a station master than a man

t’s harder to be a station master than a man

did more than a year of standing, ups and downs, experienced so much, let me benefit a lot.

has had a month of pleasure from 0ip-5000ip (http://s.admin5.com/article/20080315/76123.shtml).

also had a night before IP’s grief from 3W-5K.

Adsense is like this, the heart is always in the air, every day always staring at statistics. Always the first thing to do is to enter Baidu site.

, look at your rankings. Still, see if your GG’s income is as much as it was yesterday. Before doing stationmaster, listen to other people to speak, true stationmaster won’t go to bed before 3 in the morning. I am surprised, I feel incredible, after a year of hard work, I deeply appreciate the meaning of this sentence. The stationmaster can be so tired, busy every day until midnight. I don’t know how long I haven’t seen the first rays of the morning sun. I don’t even remember when I last ate breakfast…

today in advertising Street saw a post, the content is probably: GG how not issued ah? I’m waiting to buy condoms, have more than a week did not dry, girlfriend said no cover, don’t let dry, afraid of pregnancy. My girlfriend is more anxious than me.

although this is just a joke, but you can see, the webmaster is very helpless, most of the webmaster and I almost. Rely on Baidu traffic to earn GG money. Because of this, Baidu and GG for us, is God, but we live every day in their shadow. Look at their faces. One day, Baidu K you, then you really can not afford to buy a condom. If you have GG K, those lovely dollars, enough to make you a few days at night. I said so, I want to have experienced the webmaster, there are several webmaster not been Baidu K, there are a few webmaster not been GGK,


even if Baidu and GG these two old boss let you, the webmaster also need to face a lot of problems, space, server is the webmaster’s fatal injury. Experience in doing station year, space and server does not know for how many months, server space operators have their interests, it seems IDC webmaster and their interests are in conflict, they provide you with better bandwidth, better service, you should charge you more money, but to the owners get better and bigger and faster servers, but want to use the least money. Because it is cheap, I used 20 flat-share two server 68 a month, very fast, and subdirectory support, may be my good luck, the server is very stable, very fast, there may be at the point, and the publisher, Admin5 learned some experience, in a very short period of time in my site traffic soared. A month from 0-5000. 2 months to 80000, three months to 1W. Has been very regular up to about 3W.

, after all, is 68>

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