Personal Webmaster originally each other’s heart is full of many helpless

Personal Webmaster originally each other’s heart is full of many helpless

personal Webmaster: hearts are full of many "helpless"

unknowingly walked from the network for more than three years, so in the hearts of these individuals, we are full of many "helpless"

remembered a lot of things,


now think everything is good, the heart is always inseparable from a sentence: personal standing day is getting more and more sad!


many webmaster friends should know how the network environment now,


is much more difficult than before, and now do a new station, have to wait for Baidu included, before doing a new station, but it is easy to land Baidu. This may be the result of environmental changes,


even if the landing of Baidu, and then want to, but how to improve the ranking, simple point of view, step by step hard, we personally face the webmaster, not the general hardships.

while others are sleeping, many of our different classes of webmasters are updating for their sites, or doing other things. Internet users can know our bitterness, no one knows, almost all of them know the industry’s friends.

and we often have to be looked down upon by others.

1, do the webmaster of software station.

such stations, if you do not rely on software to install packages, boot amount, almost no money to earn. By a few monthly IDC? If yes, this station can almost be said, drink boiling water every day, but those who do guide installation, but it affects the development of the site, have suffered from the different aspects of the comment (as an article, I have seen a day download station is XX garbage, accidentally point to like! How different installation package, if the download station has the ability to support the (if they like me this ninth download so completely not advertising, how do they live?), ask them who want to put those things, I am not here to sympathize with them, but tell each other’s feelings.


2, do the station of novel station.

Chinese site, the novel

casually into a bigger one, immediately bounce a lot of ads, popups is really annoying! But, if they do not put bounce such advertisements, they rely on advertising to survive it before GG (click on a two knife knife do good, not now, almost blocked)? Or by certain very black and buckle odd large video Alliance (not named, please forgive me) living? Or by registered advertising guide survive? But according to my understanding, shoot bigger personal novel station, almost all put on the pop, pop up almost because of their income forty-five percent -60 (this station friend, if have the ability, they will put these waiting to be scolded? Believe that is from helpless).

3, do the source station webmaster.

they first rely on IDC, a bigger source station, and IDC ads are very optimistic, first of all, >

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