Preliminary station group from puzzled money losing to now gradually profit summary

Preliminary station group from puzzled money losing to now gradually profit summary

every day to see everyone said the station group, at first I thought the station is a program like weaving Empire program. Later, a chance to open an article about the station group, and then really understand the station group, only to know that it is made up of many stations, and if the group do well, there will be very good returns. He is also doing a few websites, others can do stand group we why not? Others can do station group, I limited money I can do my small group. At the beginning of an idea on the registration domain name, purchase space, procedures, add content, hair chain. It’s easy to watch. I can’t stand it without a few stops. First, every day to find content really tired, and two is adding content every day, really tired. The three is to secretly consider the links between websites. Later I dream weaving, installed on the acquisition plug-in. Found to collect content, and others are the same, can not get the favor of Baidu. Then I found that there are automatic collection of pseudo original one plug-in, I hastened to install the site. However, the discovery is not as good as imagined. First, phrases are replaced, Wen Wen read very tired, read a good, read a few articles, I know that my website is a garbage station. Two, each site must write rules to collect, and are fixed, from the target station to collect content. The three is the content collection, back to the issue of my designated column, the article is an article of a separate battle, the article does not have any contact, and so on.

to tell you the truth, at the time I was talking about fewer than ten websites, I was exhausted, and I didn’t know how well the others were playing. I began to comfort myself by saying, "no one else is in battle.". Own station group also slowly, because of their lazy and ability, slowly died. Since then, many times login A5, see others talk about standing group, see once is a sad memories of the past. In 2010 when group buys fire, A5 also rolled out Group buy, and it is stationmaster Group buy, buy group of perpendicular industry group. Why should I say this, because I thank A5, a, let me can buy countless cheap webmaster supplies, two, from A5 group buying, I found the original station group can be so simple things. Remember that it was a "group purchase at the end of October 103 A5 webmaster group purchase only 138 yuan! Price 699 yuan DIY-Page station system standard edition. "Automatic generation," the word site, is a newspaper to try the next attitude, buy a group.

website, who does not want to earn some money to help live, and I am no exception, every day to see other people say that the station group, make money, make money, I can not after the first failure, do not climb up. From November 1st I have been on the line 21 website, the domain name is for us Yahoo COM domain name registration on behalf of others from Taobao is 15 yuan, the space of different types from the Taobao 20-35 yuan bought from different vendors in different areas of the site. In addition to buying diy-page’s money, it cost less than 1000 yuan.

because I’m doing the weight loss of my small station, I put 21 stations each station with a keyword automatically do a station, keyword points

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