How to improve the conversion rate of visitors in medical websites

How to improve the conversion rate of visitors in medical websites

engaged in medical industry network friends all know that our ultimate goal establishment, optimization, promotion website editor is to give more patients to the hospital for an appointment, so as to improve the company’s turnover, value standard this is a website. So, how do you improve the conversion rate of web visitors? I will combine my own snack to discuss with you.

The premise of

to improve the conversion rate of the most fundamental medical site visitors is the site of the flow must be improved, as long as let more people see in the station, to make it possible for visitors to consult a doctor, conversion can make nothing of it. I recently participated in a website from flow to conversion optimization promotion work, first some useful details and skills in work to share with you.

1, website to atmosphere, column to detail, to have high speed, stable server, support

I think that when visitors enter the website of our first impression is speed, if the website pictures, flash too much causing the page file is too large, then the site open speed is slow, it will give visitors a bad impression, you’re likely to lead to the loss of visitors. Therefore, the website must have high speed and stable server support.

image is the image of the enterprise, if the website is not the atmosphere not beautiful, will it affect visitors like psychology, why not choose the sub shop store to buy things, do not let people feel the atmosphere where things are often unable to meet their own needs. The website column must be detailed, patients entered the site may choose according to their own situation, you need to see the article, if the column not detail the patients can not find the content they need is likely to turn away.

2, the relevance of the article, the relevance must be better than

The usefulness of the

article is mainly manifested in the visitors read your article, can you have a deep understanding of their condition, will not cause vigilance, resulting in the desire to seek medical advice?. Network editor in writing articles must pay attention to, the article is not for yourself to see, not to complete the task, all of our articles must comply with the visitor’s search habits. We need to guide and guide them to see what they need; when visitors see what they want, there may be some doubt in their mind that they will consult with the doctor at that time.

The so-called

have a certain correlation between the article and the article refers to the links to be relevant, usually when we write an article that will introduce the related content links, popular will we need to draw a circle, we put the visitors around them consultation on medicine, but we can only through the article from thinking on guide customers, which requires the time between the articles and links to articles, must have relevance, in writing, we can think of myself as a patient, understanding the problem, they also want to know what is the most suitable content, the content of the link here. >

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