To our dying youth what made us on a different pathO2O Spring Festival staged empty city takeaway de

To our dying youth what made us on a different pathO2O Spring Festival staged empty city takeaway de

technology, U.S., hungry, sh419 takeaway takeaway platform to maintain the basic state of business during the Spring Festival, but most of the platform self delivery team, some part-time staff have left the basic distribution.

a takeaway platform responsible person said, during the Spring Festival holiday the platform delivery personnel on duty, the number of delivery staff at the same time on weekdays only 1/3. "On weekdays, snacks can be delivered to 12, and in recent days the platform has been adjusted to only 10 p. m.."

of course, we have just moved out of the hacker industry and what we have to do next is to find another fertile ground for our survival. After a lot of understanding, we have come into contact with the phrase "grassroots webmaster", and there are many in this field

According to Tencent

take delivery costs skyrocketing, door-to-door service almost stagnant

science and technology understanding, e home cleaning in January 16th -1 month 23 days, February 6th -2 month 12 days period, home cleaning services from the original 30 yuan per hour to 60 yuan per hour, part of the city is from the original 35 yuan per hour to 70 yuan per hour.


Hello, I’m a grass roots brother, and today we are going to talk about ideas. All of you here, like grassroots brothers, have been struggling with the Internet, in pursuit of our dreams, but have not given up our first dream. But as the grassroots entrepreneurs, we are in different areas, ideas and entrepreneurial philosophy, there are different ways, the difference is obvious, what makes us on a different path,

grassroots brother has a brother, was in high school when met, at that time, we all have a very strong interest in the internet. In that time of making waves, we are eager to earn the first pot of gold in the Internet, so as to realize our own value. Long term attention to cool grass roots children’s shoes must have heard the story, but grassroots brother here again repeat it.

, but as China crackdown on the hacker industry, plus some so-called "Daniel" go in, the industry is full of a sense of crisis, and then continue to do so, I’m afraid I do not know when I will go in. The industry crisis, coupled with our sense of crisis, forced us to leave the underground hacker industry. It was a fertile ground for us to live on, and more importantly, it was the birthplace of our dreams. Our initial dream is through the Internet to earn a pot of gold, obviously, in the hacker industrial chain it is difficult for us to do it anymore, but in order to keep our dreams, we decided to do some relatively safe industry. But here we are, we are moving towards differentiation.


and takeaway platform similar to home economics and other home O2O services, because a large number of service personnel return home, but also almost face stagnation.

has been the grassroots entrepreneurial thinking is brother, take the safe and stable route, according to the needs of users to achieve a breakthrough in the first project, and then expand into the ecosystem, to create ecological system, to further expand their business, the idea before many articles have mentioned. And grassroots brother that brother’s idea is, is grassroots entrepreneurs, it should be opportunistic, seize the hole, go to drill. After the honeymoon, this is our initial difference, and at this point, grassroots brother has been dimly aware that we will continue to have more conflicts and differences in the future, because there have been differences in mind.

in fact, the number of restaurants that offer food and drink has also been significantly reduced in addition to the reduced number of distribution personnel. Due to the large number of migrant labor, many small and medium-sized restaurant closing.


a few days before the Spring Festival, many small restaurants in Beijing have gone out of business earlier, and some couples shop home even twenty days before the spring festival.

in addition to the price, e Jia Jie said in January 16th -2 month 12>

According to Tencent In order to avoid the

if you order during the Spring Festival, you will find many businesses on the takeaway platform have shown "rest" status. Some businesses do not pause service, by raising the delivery fee or delivery fee way to improve the meal threshold, and some small restaurant delivery fee even from the regular ten yuan rose to tens of dollars.

Spring Festival is the family reunion day, also is such a deep wide north foreign population of the city is "empty". Whether it is domestic or takeout, taxi, on weekdays, people rely on for O2O service, during the Spring Festival encounter "out of stock".


first, we delve into the hacker technology, free to kill, invasion, broiler, traffic, horse, scan for keywords vulnerability is our daily living. Under the long-term research and exploration, we slowly on the hacker underground industry chain have a preliminary understanding, of course, we also through our interest in solving our daily expenses, this is the story, we initially grow obviously, we have been very happy, very substantial.

distribution services affected, beauty group comments said during the Spring Festival in the U.S. city will maintain the operation, the seven day of the new year is expected to 50 thousand riders on duty every day, new year’s day on duty riders up to 30 thousand people.

, which makes the highly popular takeaway O2O face a strong challenge, has gone out of business on some takeaway platforms, and restaurants offering takeaway services have generally raised their offer prices or distribution costs.

, known as a O2O company that can change its services, will not block the flow of service personnel. Behind the super population migration is the near paralysis of the service industry during the Spring Festival in big cities. After losing the line of the foundation, O2O enterprises in the big city is facing a severe test.

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