2017 venture capital semi annual financing ranking TOP10 and killed enterprises that thingntervie

2017 venture capital semi annual financing ranking TOP10 and killed enterprises that thingntervie


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times: partial late C round

in March 5th: the second half of 2006, when the heat is in the domestic video website and the risk investors suddenly cooled down, and the industry laments enter the "winter", can get several investment business websites approved in this environment is particularly eye-catching, popcorn is one of them. How does popcorn stand out among its competitors? How far has it been on the road to profitability? 07 years of video industry situation and what are the views? Recently, the streaming media network of popcorn network vice president Li Longxiang exclusive interview.

the Song Yuling Wang Xin

learned that, at present, the total amount has been as high as 13 rounds of financing, the cumulative total of nearly $16 billion 200 million, of which Tencent and Alibaba are multi round investors.


2017 annual report and venture capital.

NO.1 drop trip financing $5 billion 500 million

domestic situation is different from abroad, sh419 will not engage in acquisitions.

domestic video site in 2007 will be a large area of death

Iqiyi’s round of financing is convertible bond subscription, of which sh419 subscribed $300 million. For the purpose of financing, Iqiyi founder and CEO Gong Yu said, the focus will be put into two main directions, increase homemade content and recruit talented people.

some people do video for the purpose of financing a project, this is not in order to survive and develop, there is no pressure to survive, said

sells content on the Internet is contrary to the operation of the Internet

video sites can not put hope for development on the 3G,

there will be no major acquisitions in the domestic video industry,

Since the establishment of

history is always strikingly similar.


– Charles · Dickens

2017 financing amount TOP10 list


streaming network: is the stress of the portal more serious, and will Sina podcast endanger the survival of these professional video sites? The original blog menacing, others known to do the video portal, but Sina blog that seems to have died down.


for the current round of financing, drops said: "to become a leader in intelligent transportation technology, and through positive international deployment to promote world traffic and automotive industry change, is the core of the development of vision drops."

Youtube thing for a long time, do not say anything worth mentioning, sh419 has begun to do video, video is the trend of the internet. But I do believe that sh419 video is mainly for business integrity considerations, as the domestic search, it should ensure that their business volume is not missing, of course, does not rule out there looking for new opportunities to consider, because after all, MP3 search success in front.

2017 more than half, business circles chaos has ironically, capital can trade on air blowing, the unicorn ‘valuation of billions, but behind Starving people fill the land. a feather.

investment heavyweights: Tencent, Ali, sh419, millet……

this year, access to giant financing companies have what? And what industries fell a large area,

blogs, podcasts, and portals are a mistake. Professional is the way to survive,

streaming media network: it is said that shlf1314 is ready to enter the Chinese video field, and sh419 has already started. Is it a big shock to the video website in China? If they buy at home as high as Youtube, is that good news or bad news?

in 2012, launched the car drops gradually, express, on behalf of the drive, ride, bus, car rental business. At the same time, but also a way to replace the opponent stride forward singing militant songs, mergers: February 2015 first received the biggest rival fast, August 2016 merged with Uber Chinese.

Li Longxiang: the competition is certain, but not fight at outrance professional thing will not disappear, because of the competition.

NO.2 Iqiyi financing $1 billion 530 million

video site rectification content, whether it is active or passive to do, the time has come.

Li Longxiang: there will be some pressure, but we have different business directions, so cooperation is more than competition. We are working with sh419 at the moment. Their participation overall is good, at least to prove that the future of video is indeed promising.

point of view summary:

at present, in China, drops occupy the super 9 into the network about the car market share; the world, globalization drops rival Uber recent turmoil, founder of funding pressure to step down, the drops may be the opportunity to overtake.

| finishing

2017 has been more than half, The past is the prologue. The unicorn ‘valuation of billions, but behind Starving people fill the land. a feather.

popcorn network vice president Li Longxiang

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