Glyph O2O stop starting your business The window may endFive techniques for identifying false part

Glyph O2O stop starting your business The window may endFive techniques for identifying false part



The loss outweighs the gain. tired!

missed the window, and maybe you don’t have a big chance.


four: learn to see the feasibility of the project, some projects only theoretically feasible, such as pull off the assembly line of the project, these projects are often able to flaunt their own can earn thousands of dollars, but is on the theory of numbers, the real money is unique by pulling off the assembly line, in addition to the project is quite familiar with and don’t add whatever you do not understand the part-time field, otherwise it is very easy to be deceived!

two. O2O venture without fear of giant


titanium media note: Meng woke up, rivers and lakes known as carved God, Beijing people, 70 after. Meng wake founded by venture capital gives beaver house’s valuation of 1 billion yuan. This flagship nail O2O application, on-line time is less than 8 months. Light luxury positioning, the ultimate product, network propaganda, screaming experience… The very influential God carved said a word, the beaver family business model, is "the liberation of productive forces". In November 25th, the statue of God in the Tencent products salon on his O2O view, the following to share the dry, titanium Media Editor:

The bad news is that The window period for

share a good news and a bad news.

who participated in the group battle, now there are few, and they are in that year and a half window period, a bit of action. A little earlier, the network is not mature enough, later, after the network bubble burst, no one invested. The window period is so short.

O2O don’t start, the window period may have ended. But if you’ve started O2O, run as fast as you can. Now the biggest advantage has entered the door is that the capital market likes to invest in O2O, high valuation, fast investment. To have a profound understanding of the industry. Money can solve the problem of time, but it can not solve the problem of logic. And a little more sense of mission.

: to see the launch of part-time project site has no ICP record, many part-time website especially typing registration website are often shot for a place, another vest to lie, so their ICP record is often false, so we can from the Internet to the ICP filing center view these sites ICP record there is no problem, if there is likely to be a liar website, be careful!

two: a lot of people will be required to provide identification with a part-time job, so we also need to ask for the individual to provide some trusted certificates, if the company is required to provide them with a business license, of course, some false website will handle documents using the PS method, then we can go to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau Hongdun the website, a fundamental solution, so it can avoid being

the good news is that if you’ve stepped into the O2O field, you don’t have to fear big shots.

network has a lot of part-time fraud, some people get money, some people cheat flow, to promote their own websites or products, there are many kinds of part-time network, have to make money by doing IT migrant workers, some rely on technology to make money, of course, if we really want to make money from the Internet, you must learn the following four a deception skills, or you can waste a lot of time in the network of

mobile Internet era, traffic is king. BAT three giants each divided the largest block of traffic, traffic into the business they are good at, which has genetic problems. For example, Tencent is difficult to do a good job of pure business, traffic conversion, has been

O2O started in the second half of last year. Until then, the smart phones, mobile payments are not enough universal, there is no O2O anything. Many people are using a taxi software grab mobile payment entrance time, before the user’s mobile payment habits training up.

three: Web Design of website of the other side is not very miserable, do not pay attention to user experience, a lot of local content are contradictory, this is the website whether false verification, usually those fake website just put a template on the line, do not care about web design or

network is naturally very attractive, so it is to let a lot of people can take advantage of the machine, use the preparation of some part-time information is very attractive, such as a day to earn one hundred yuan, even some people still dare to write a day to earn thousands of dollars a part-time project, let a lot of people through the network to get rich eyebrows however, these projects are often deceptive, there are people who earn dollars part-time projects under the banner banner, we all know that the dollar is still relatively high, it can lure a lot of people, and even spent a lot of time to click on some funny ads, but in the end is lip-service

one. Don’t do it, O2O


five: want to see the website of the responsible person and the customer service personnel contact, there is no fixed telephone, don’t see only a number can be, to know the company’s address, contact method, mobile phone and so on related information must be full, if the site itself has been done for several years , like contact General grade >

O2O, don’t start, the window period may have ended. Where did this conclusion come from,

I heard Wu Xiaobo say an interesting statistic: China has two very magical window periods. The first time is 18 months after the reform and opening up. Many old companies you know today, such as HUAWEI, Lenovo, Vanke, and so on, were all created in those 18 months. The second window is the 18 months before the dotcom bubble, from late 1998 to 1999. Sina, Sohu, NetEase, still active today these Internet heavyweights, all created in those 18 months.

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