Ape Title Library Online thinking to create intelligent test libraryndia nternet start ups hot wil

Ape Title Library Online thinking to create intelligent test libraryndia nternet start ups hot wil

The first product of the

Tencent technology Xu Anna reported December 19th

YY Li Xueling, 56 Zhou Juan, snowball finance side of salmon, spring pocket doctor Zhang Rui, Tang Yan, Chen Mo Mo cloud technology group 800 Ding Xiuhong, Hu chen…… Entrepreneurs from NetEase are fighting in their respective rivers and lakes.

April 2012, Li Yong officially bid farewell to NetEase, began his own journey of entrepreneurship. At the same time leaving, as well as the old subordinate Li Xin. Li Xin was born in 1983, is mainly responsible for the market to work in NetEase, "Young Turks" on behalf of the NetEase, he is the youngest editor, director and general manager.

the same month, Li Yong, Li Xin, Guo Changzhen, Shuai four people, plus an administrator, became chalk net five earliest employees, officially settled in the office facing SOHO. "Change the way Chinese students review and prepare for exams, find an online education breakthrough, and achieve greater success in business."". With this intention, less than a year, the chalk network team expanded rapidly to more than 30 people.

on Wednesday, Housing, the largest home buyer site in India, announced $90 million in financing, led by softbank. After the end of October, India electric taxi rental company Ola Snapdeal and Cabs respectively to get $627 million and $210 million Softbank financing. With the $200 million invested in InMobi in 2011, Softbank’s total investment in India’s Internet Co has exceeded $1 billion.

early in 2012, another heavyweight NetEase leave business – NetEase portal division president Li Yong. In the NetEase’s "9 levels" management system, Li Yong ranks second only to NetEase founder, CEO Ding Lei and CFO Cai An live.

"We believe that India’s development is at a new turning point and that India will continue to grow strongly over the next ten years,"


in addition to Softbank, Silicon Valley incubator 500 Startups in India market performance is also quite active. 500 Startups India partner pan Pankaj Jain · card; Qi Na said in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology, India currently has forty or fifty accelerators, including Microsoft accelerator, GSF accelerator, "the India times" under the banner of the Tlabs accelerator. With the advent of more and more local accelerators, start-ups have more options. But because some of the accelerators are not adapting quickly to changes in the external environment, they may be eliminated in two years.

Abstract a surge of young people led, flourishing, inspiring and inclusive technology start-ups is surging in India.

this reporter Zhao Na, Beijing reported

, NetEase, brothers company,

, India has become a technological giant of the Nuggets holy land.

India has access to the Internet by quite a number of people, first from smartphones or tablets.

2011-2012 years, the mainstream media in India began to pay attention to reporting startups, the public, especially parents, began to slowly accept and recognize the idea of children’s entrepreneurship. Some Indians

in 2011, a group of start-up companies in India began to emerge, such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Let, s, Dial and so on, and these companies have developed rapidly, attracting many employees from famous enterprises such as JP Morgan. At the same time, a large number of overseas returnees India talent, including some returnees elite and born in the United States, Singapore and other places of India origin senior engineer, this wave of reflux boost the surge in India entrepreneurial tide.


Li Yong is the new enterprise of education oriented Internet community "chalk net", the project has received six investment institutions of all ages, in which has not been on the line, "the fastest" IDG nearly ten million yuan capital injection chalk network. August 27, 2012 on-line so far, chalk network has accumulated more than ten thousand users. In 2013, 2 at the end of the month launched the civil service preparation products "ape question library", then in a week’s time accumulated nearly 60 thousand users, day online answer amount up to more than 80 times.

Li Yong team is the chalk web, which is inspired by Li Yong’s experience in finding an English language training course for his children. By the end of 2011, Li Yong was in the middle

asked how to view the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India, Pankaj said, in 2007, entrepreneurship is considered risky, crazy thing. At that time, most people would choose to consult the banking industry, or for shlf1314 micro-blog, McKinsey and other large companies to work, so start-up companies recruit people, it is difficult to retain people. In 2008, the global financial tsunami forced many companies to cut jobs on a massive scale.

team has worked in the NetEase, they include: Li Xin, co-founder and vice president, former general manager of NetEase portal marketing; co-founder, product technical director Guo Chang Chun, a former NetEase senior research manager; co-founder and director of a handsome, former NetEase of science and technology channel editor.

The core of a new member of the

, founder of Softbank, said on November, when he released his financial statement."

, Li Yong, Li Xin, two people found two former colleagues: with university students to take care of campus logistics business, and the establishment of love and marriage website "love corner" soon Guo Chang zhen. "Campus logistics business is really good, but the most impressed me is the Internet, a lot of imagination."." Shuai branch to the students openly expressed their wishes, then joined the chalk net entrepreneurial team.

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