The report shows that domestic entrepreneurial potential and entrepreneurship index decline compared

The report shows that domestic entrepreneurial potential and entrepreneurship index decline compared

TechWeb reported on December 19th news, sina finance, Sina, Sina joint venture technology Nankai University entrepreneurship research center, Amway released the "2016 Amway Global Entrepreneurship report" shows that the Chinese potential of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship index decreased. Among them, the China business index fell from 79% last year to 74%, ranking last year tied with India first, fell to fourth place, was Vietnam, India, Thailand three countries beyond. Amway entrepreneurship index is a core index that reflects the entrepreneur’s desire, feasibility and resistance.

vice president of Deng Qingxu said that over the past two years of restructuring, in the constantly changing Internet order, giant companies have formed the continuous changing of industry vertical ecology, affect all aspects of the construction of the connection pattern; compared to the past, the new industry from the carnival to shuffle time is also shortened, quickly show their leader. In accelerating the reform and development of the whole industry.

Professor Zhang Yuli, Dean of the members of

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The school of Journalism and communication, Shantou University professor

Group Chairman, entrepreneurs horse horse Dean Niu Wenwen said that all entrepreneurs will eventually become entrepreneurs, to become a business, the matching of financing into equal revenue, net profit and become equal, this is the most difficult thing to do business. "Now a lot of young people to join the Chinese entrepreneurial dream day mission to go inside, I hope investors to give money, on television about their dreams, I am so great, so young, so have a dream, I also asked so much? But social entrepreneurs, you can not forget the responsibility."

Amway Global Entrepreneurship report Advisory Committee of Nankai University School of business said, "overall, the results of this year’s report shows Chinese entrepreneurial potential and entrepreneurship index decreased. I think there are two reasons: the first is everyone is not very optimistic about the macroeconomic expectations, which contain the entrepreneurial intention is booming; second Internet plus, although this seems to create the use of the Internet platform business opportunities, but in fact now left to those new entrepreneurial opportunities are not many."

Internet Research Institute Professor, Bofan time founder Wu Bofanye to put forward the view that in recent years there is a poisonous word called "tall", the business sector has poisoned. In 2016, a variety of black swan events, whether elected or Trump British exit, a keyword is "bottom". "There are many opportunities for entrepreneurship at the bottom of Pyramid, and profitability is very good. Many people think that making money from the rich can make more profits, but it is not."."

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