Takeaway platform zero line to complete the B round of 30 million financingA fifty year old media m

Takeaway platform zero line to complete the B round of 30 million financingA fifty year old media m

currently has 6% of zero line merchants, but this segment is more suited to takeaway features, and has contributed 30% of total sales. In addition to the contribution to marketing, "zero brand also helped us achieve a good reputation spread, showing the advantages of our platform," Wu Hao said.

after 90 girls are very cold to a: "you did not have the opportunity to see our boss, you are the highest treatment is to see our personnel manager."."


"I’m good at writing characters, and writing characters is my characteristic."." He said.

"alternative" takeaway platform


zero line in June 2012 started in Nanjing, from the initial line, zero line on the choice of a more heavy business model – self built logistics, positioning in the high-end white-collar market. By the end of 2013, zero line completed the A round of financing, the investment was Sequoia Capital and Gobi capital. After the A round of financing, zero line began to expand in different places, currently covering Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan 5 cities.

only from the data, zero line such self built logistics heavy mode takeaway platform, does not seem to single million, millions of levels of hungry or American group takeaway opponents?. But in Wu Hao’s view, in addition to its own distribution team to achieve a closed loop of the transaction, to help catering businesses adapt to take away scenes of the "deep operational capability", is the core of the zero line differentiation.

, a seemingly middle-aged man, spoke to two young women and politely said, "today I’d like to ask two people, what should I do next?"

zero line founder and CEO Wu Hao said that the current round of financing will expand the main user team, new urban development and service quality improvement.

this year has been cross to the 50 year old middle-aged man, although the reporter skill skill is deep, but still encounter some confusion: one is to continue to stay in the media, no meaning, because the traditional media industry downturn, even in his high, still only 10000 pieces of income, jobs and income does not match.

finished. He shook his head

is different from a completely offline business platform that relies on offline entities, and zero line has been nurturing its "zero" brand since two years ago".

reported in January 7th ran technology Tencent

food takeaway platform zero line to the Tencent recently confirmed technology B round of financing has been completed, the amount of about $30 million, by the Tencent led, Sequoia Capital and Gobi capital with the cast, now all the funds have been credited into account. Zero line did not disclose the specific circumstances of the current round of financing, but said that after the Tencent investment, the founding team is still the absolute control.

a few days, the interview time, he was holding a good mood, into the company, coming towards a 90 girls, did not say a word, first handed him a job application, one of which is to provide proof of the past work and contact telephone number. He is very puzzled to ask the 90 girls: "if in order to prove my work experience true and false, you can arrange your boss talk to me."."

two is if you go out alone, he wants to sell what? If only to help others operate the public number, how many years of deep plowing news value is reflected in it, how to solve this gap in the heart?

of the middle-aged man about the background is a veteran reporter print, business news industry for more than 20 years, is the writing skill, early in the newspaper won many awards, of course, these awards are derived from internal selection, and often most glorious newspaper reporters award, is the internal selection.

Abstract the current round of financing by Tencent lead investment, Sequoia Capital and Gobi capital with the cast, the current funds have all been credited.

walking in Guangzhou white-collar gathered the most crowded Tianhe North Road, the people who come and go have long changed into a light white-collar outfit. Adjacent to many commercial centers, there is a restaurant, there is a restaurant inside the three rows of diners, eyebrows locked, is very sad.

current takeaway pattern, to hungry and beauty group takeaway as a representative platform, mainly rely on the line of a large number of solid dining room, to the greatest extent to meet the needs of users, with traffic and entrance advantages. Zero line plough operation mode, and cultivate the "zero brand" >

is three, if not start, do not stay in the media, into the enterprise, can put in the online job resumes? Can you make sure that your boss is older than you? If it is a 80, 90 or even, they will be employed in front of the "old people" he read out a lot, not always want to understand. He also shared a personal real experience, just last year, he tried to vote in the online resume, a company just need to seek the editor in chief of a magazine, a monthly salary of twelve thousand to twenty thousand, looks good, he decided to resume the past.

in addition to discovering and nurturing new brands of Internet, zero line also led the existing large catering businesses set up takeaway brands, to match the takeaway needs.

he felt his "old shelf" was about to stand, so he could only turn away. "I haven’t received an offer yet. Why do I have to give you my personal privacy? This is not an opportunity for a peer interview." "In fact, many companies do," he added."

Wu Hao said that the concept of zero "brand is similar to the Amoy brand Taobao platform, this part of the business under the original online is not well-known, completely zero growth in the development of online products and operations are completely rely more on online, offline store does not account for the location, decoration, brand is very weak, or only the production environment and no line shop stores".

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