Let the success of learning out of the entrepreneurial circle failure is positive energy False pra

Let the success of learning out of the entrepreneurial circle failure is positive energy False pra


Another aspect of !

"only when young people remain in a certain scale, in order to increase the probability of a new generation of leaders, at the same time in the whole society to create a more conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation atmosphere, really form a" mass "and" peoples’ groups, which will become the largest economic competitiveness China." In October 29, 2015, when the Communist Party announced its decision to release the second child in the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Liang Jianzhang wrote in his first signed article.

‘s discourse is the "mass entrepreneurship" and "multi innovation" advocated by Chinese leaders". The famous writer Wu Xiaobo once the rise of entrepreneurs as the biggest China nearly forty years of reform and opening of the event, on the one hand, through their own innovation and entrepreneurship, creating jobs, create social wealth; on the other hand, they serve as an independent social stratum, also began to express their demands and the social public concern. As for policy makers, the thinking dimension of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as academic demonstration, undoubtedly make his voice more relevant and pleasant than the slogan of "Pan politics". To him, this is the reality of companies to achieve more sustainable growth, scholar and let him get detached from entrepreneurship perspective and research needs thinking framework and academic tools for these problems.

even in the global scope, it is difficult to have entrepreneurs called scholars reputation and not considered or have an ulterior motive of flattering fish for fame, Liang Jianzhang is probably very few exceptions. As an entrepreneur, he is one of Chinese’s earliest and most successful Internet entrepreneur, he founded ctrip changed Chinese travel habits, after a series of acquisitions and investments in their largest local competitors where after sitting on nearly $20 billion market value; as a scholar, he was under the tutelage of the United States human resource economics authority Edward · Lazear Edward Lazear; and Nobel laureate Gary · Becker Gary Becker, and received a doctorate in economics from Stanford University, now a professor at the Peking University at Guanghua School of Management, Chinese full liberalization of the second child, he is one of the most powerful advocate for.


when our generation grew up, more or less will have some resources based on the soil, whether it is from the kindergarten or school, or even a major event in life will be more or less some backdoor or find the relationship between the shadow. Why is there such a problem? It is because of information asymmetry, because of the asymmetry of information, so if you have no personal himself smashed into it, you have no way to get some key information and data judgment.

tiger sniffing note: 21 this month, the tiger sniffing F& M Innovation Festival, entrepreneurs take six minutes to share a wrong elevator speech segment is still hot, according to the circle of friends, not only the host yen value compared to last year has increased dramatically, and the number of guests came to share the scene the audience more than last year. Unchanged, we opened this link in the original intention: "let successful learning out of the entrepreneurial circle, failure is positive energy!"

from the scene record below can be seen, some entrepreneurs is quite real, some of their own reflection still remain on the surface, some have to evade the crucial point…… To tell you the truth, you don’t know what the focus and essence of his claim is to share…… Olfactory couldn’t help worrying brother Sensen as its logical ability, thinking ability, reasoning ability, the audience must also have the same feeling…… Please check.

the 8 entrepreneurs, according to the order of play the record is also in order to play, followed by LEGO box founder Dong Jun blue; founder Geng Le ABD; love to dream big data founder entertainment thunder; curriculum lattice founder Li Tianfang said founder Wen Chenghui; gift; soil’s founder Wang Wei; Himalaya co-founder Yu Jianjun; founder of infinite light Yu Zhichen.



in the 8 entrepreneurs took turns to share after the audience with his praise for its vote, which is the brand which is a real experience, courteously but without sincerity, remains to be seen. Finally, the guests get the highest votes, sponsored by one set The One piano piano a.

this "powerful" has largely come from his dual identity. Founded ctrip, let him interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, so he decided to seek out academic construction in the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship; to solve the problem of innovation and entrepreneurship, guide he started to pay attention to the population problem Chinese, and finally with the Peking University professor of sociology Li Jianxin co written "too much Chinese. A book?" reprinted renamed "Chinese can", and other advisers together contributed to the full liberalization of the introduction of two-child policy.

hopefully the pits they have fallen into can become the lights on your way to travel!

no matter how deep the content we share, we would like to thank the 8 entrepreneurs for their coming and being frank.

, and the most important characteristic of this era is the centralization based on the highly sharing of information.

Dong Jun: do not value and rely on resources,

also need to remind is that the eight errors and introspection seems to have conflicting places, ah, for example, someone said to be low-key, some people say that low key people die. Well, this is a problem for our entrepreneurs to rethink. In fact, there is no problem at all. Different nature of enterprises, enterprises at different stages, the necessary means and insights will certainly be different. Presumably you readers will not be so kezhouqiujian.

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