Under the nternet they are fleeingXu Xiaoping team and ownership structure is the foundation of en

Under the nternet they are fleeingXu Xiaoping team and ownership structure is the foundation of en


real fund founder Xu Xiaoping

to do new media operations, there is a saying, the more famous people you write, the more famous, certainly bring traffic is higher, but the famous people are always similar, but unknown people have their own stories.

and later went to the market to buy food less, fresh electricity took part in business, takeaway stole part of business, there are more than the market looks advanced supermarkets also took part in business, in short, they had a bad day.

Master Li Hebei home, did not read the finished junior high school, 10 years old to work in Beijing, first in the market for delivery, then rented a stall selling fruits and vegetables, and then find a daughter-in-law is also selling vegetables, just two days to sell vegetables, too, he said when a month earn 20 thousand dollars is still very easy.

they have two children, let the old man take back home, to go to school in the home, a few years ago to save money to buy a car, rent, and booth fee assorted together, anyway, is a bit does not go.

she was told that the job was paid 25 yuan an hour, while her last job was only $3000 a month.

, we’ve written the founders’ stories and wrote the investment logic of the investors. It’s better to write about the real life of the ordinary people behind them.


technology news February 26th evening news, the dark horse, hosted by, by entrepreneurs and CITIC Publishing House of the "2015 venture geek forum held in Beijing, it real fund founder Xu Xiaoping made a keynote speech entitled" return on investment or investment in the future "forum.

sharing economy = no social security,

Xu Xiaoping: Good afternoon, dear friends. Happy new year. After the new year, I just returned to Beijing the day before yesterday. I was told to do the speech. I was nervous and prepared for every speech. I felt happy immediately. My life was destroyed and I started a year of struggle. This Spring Festival I have hitherto unknown of full and happy, up on the table every day with Peter? "The Steele from 0 to 1", but the hand holding the mobile phone continues to grab a red envelope, grab a lot of red envelopes, 399 yuan I got the biggest red is the nouveau riche Cai Wensheng, I asked why so many? Because he is a Tencent for his special channel, I say you help me open a, I have to do a nouveau riche, multiple a red envelope, but I didn’t, because I am afraid of a I went bankrupt. Received the smallest red is Wang Qiang gave me, he sent me a penny, but also to a word, you are not going to Xiaoping "from 0 to 1"? "From 0 to 1", the most favorable auspices. Does the Spring Festival I have been reading Peter? This book Steele, infinite harvest. So I’m going to tell you how I feel about reading this book and what it means for Chinese entrepreneurs, what kind of benefits and inspiration can we get from it, and how to help us do business better?.

in Beijing, such as the master Li was inhaled in the vortex of the Internet rather baffling to many people, most of them do not understand the underlying work, do not understand the Internet do not understand the financing, by slightly higher wages to attract, came to a colorful look actually Its loopholes appeared one after another. world.

Master Li is a full-time Internet about car driver, he used to, three drops, Uber software, Uber long ago he was eliminated, because he got drunk passengers through Uber highest probability.



let me start with the first question. There are a lot of good ideas in it. The first question for me is the foundation of the business. Peter Steele? Said a good foundation of the enterprise, there is absolutely no hope. A good foundation of the enterprise, often people will spend the most time to save them, and this enterprise is actually the worst, but what is the foundation of an enterprise? This is something we in the investment practice, including my own business practice, is not particularly clear, so I want to focus on talk about.

Xu Xiaoping told the three business knowledge with 3 stories: one, an entrepreneur can only start to make a product, in one direction, this is a day of the entire business; two, if you start to sovereignty let out, give out 60%, then the great enterprises do not go; three, I want to do things, the number of shares is not important, it is a mistake. Those who do not use shares for the purpose of entrepreneurship are hooligans.

below is Xu Xiaoping’s speech memoir:

around friends recommend him to pull the car, using a mobile phone to download a software on it, he heard that people can earn tens of thousands a month. Although he did not understand what is the mobile Internet, what is called a shared economy, but one day he knows how to take orders can get subsidies, a single week can take a number of subsidies, he almost did not hesitate, the booth for daughter-in-law at a person, then dry up all day and all night about the car the driver.

Chen Feng from Henan to work in a factory on the outskirts of Beijing in the past 10 years, after the resignation of her own in the online entry information to find a new job, not long after, she received an offer door-to-door service Internet Co interview invitation, housekeeping staff position is.

in addition, he also said that the basis for entrepreneurship is actually two, one is the team, and the other is the ownership structure. In order to lay the foundation of an enterprise, look at "from 0 to 1" or look at the "China partner", take a look at the story of New Oriental, that is, Chinese enterprises to start those stories. Pinellia ternate

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