The ultimate secret of the site to make moneyPersonal website how to do a professional website to ma

The ultimate secret of the site to make moneyPersonal website how to do a professional website to ma

second: when updates do not go as far as possible with the original software to false false original content, because some software artifacts out of the article reads to the user feels strange, not wrong words is to let users understand! The most important is the information content of our website does not meet the needs of users value, we think about it, a wrong words, the article provides false information. Can the user read it? If so, our website can’t keep the old users, so I suggest we try our best to create the original articles. In this way, search engines also like to include.

first: website interface to clean, navigation column should be clear, so that users can understand what your website is what kind of

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Hello, nice to meet you! I’m a personal web site, or you can call me a grassroots webmaster, so called because I myself did not belong to his own team, no money, no background, only desire is to entrepreneurial passion and enthusiasm for the internet. Well I have words not to say, we go to today’s topic: how to do a professional website to make money.

fifth: we only do one of the industry’s Web site, the amount of information he does the most complete on the line, do not make a mess of the site.

third: for example, we issued a picture information content, we remember the pictures don’t stack, to the users feeling that your site is a mess, put the picture, is a word from the user’s point of view to think, so that users can better browse your content.

fourth: the article’s key words should match the content of the article, or let the user’s feeling is that your website is deceptive!

first, to find a way to make money a popular station, such as the free movie download ah, ah, flash ah, ah game station… No matter what, a little hard line search engine B, spamming, virus and so on, all point to do it. The definition of doing it is that the minimum daily IP is over 10000. Because many advertisers are to IP million, and as a personal website, has been pretty good.

again, not two months B station will leave many people do, day IP will rise to a level of more than 10000.


we should do a website, do not look at this website to make money, do this website, see this sees, that cannot be done. We just want to hold a mentality, is to do a specific website. We make websites bigger and bigger. Let users feel that your website’s information is innovative and valuable, then users will like it!

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first of all, we just do stand friends, do not impetuous, and started to want to make money on their website, that is not good. The first thing we need to do is how to get the traffic of the website. The traffic is coming and our money is coming. I just started doing the station, too.

first of all, we are all just a new station, and we have limited knowledge of the internet. But I also start from the time of the novice just do! We did only bitterness between stationmaster people know, but as long as we put our website do bigger and stronger, these are not what bitterness to the end. As long as we play for our websites later, it’s good foundation on the internet. Then you can say it’s easy. It can be said to sit at home and wait for the money,

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